Best DJ Headphone? Sennheiser HD8 DJ Review

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Professional audio equipment is something Sennheiser is known for. The new DJ offerings are the successor to the extremely popular HD25 headphones and Sennheiser doesn’t disappoint with the 2014 release. The HD8 DJ are built to last years with reinforced metal hinges and interchangeable cable and ear pads for extended longevity. The pivot rings allow each ear cup to be rotated behind the ear while maintaining a perfect fit. The very capable drivers with an outstanding low frequency bass response, clean mid range and just the right amount of sparkle are what ties this into an attractive package for audio professionals within the field.

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AdmiralCreamy says:

One thing to note is that the headband was incredibly uncomfortable at
first. After about an hour of listening the top of my head started hurting
and continued to hurt for about 15 minutes after I took it off. After about
a week of pushing through, however, it became more and more comfortable and
now I’m completely used to it.

Ausmick Ardiansyah says:

Hey Dude, want to ask you opinion, i confused wheter buy HD8 DJ or
Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear, i Like EDM but im no Proffesional, but like a
lot listen EDM in my smartphone everyday… Please, but me personally like
HD8 but the Momentum have in line mic and the design good too, good for
smartphone.. So Please Help Me.. Thanks..

Jose Revenga says:

What about AIAIAI TMA-1? Ive been trying to choose between the AIAIAI and
the SENNS HD-25.. If someone can give me any advice I would appreciate it.

Logitech1591 says:

Hey Man,
Would like to ask you, would you recommend the HD8DJ or the Vmoda M100.
I am not a DJ. The main thing i want are Sound quality and Bass response as
i listen to Techno/Trance mainly but i also listen to instruments which one
are better.

Thank you

P.S Great Review keep up the good work

tsvorvitaliy says:

nice video dmitriy

OctaviaMC says:

I have enough to get a pair of these sexy headphones, but not an amp. I
currently own this:
Would this be enough to power it decently until I can get a new one? 

Austin Kaczmarek says:

I hope no one minds me asking would these be good for gaming as well I own
the bose quiet comfort 15 and I would like to know how much of a difference
is between the two , I have no idea about anything music or audio so please
any advice would be appreciative also if there are better headphone that I
don’t know 500 dollars is my max 


$400 bucks…?! I’ll keep my Sony MDR 7506 Pro’s and be just as happy.
That’s crazy… Sennheiser acts like their stuff is made out of gold or

Vimple says:

Could you please make a review for the product; “Sennheiser 598”? :p

Sennheiser official says:


Our brand-new HD8 DJ Headphones have just been tested by the famous
HardwareCanucks. Watch the whole review and tell us what you think!

Also check out the HD6 MIX and the HD7 DJ

Ross Decker says:

I do favor the swiveling of the ear cups, though it tends to take some
getting used to-like you explain in this video review, as a mobile DJ I
prefer the durability of a headphone, the look, the swivel of these
fantastic sounding drivers, and the comfortable difference between the two
set of ear pads. Thanks for the review:)

TeleFire3 says:

still cheaper than beats

science akbar says:

These or sennheiser momentum i have a note 2

Vibratry says:

this might seems like a strange question… but where did you get that
glass headphone stand thing? its amazing!

tkmkirill says:

Just sold mine HD25-1 ii. These look like a good choice to replace them.

HardwareCanucks says:

We take a look at the HD8 DJ from Sennheiser and they don’t disappoint.
What do you think of the swivel ear cup feature?

Gabriel Haintz says:

Hey, I had the Technics rp-dj 1200 for two years and totally loved them.
Unfortunately they got lost.. So my plan was to buy them again but then I
saw this sennheiser headphones. So now I don’t know if I should buy the
technics which costs about 110€ or the more expensive sennheiser (275€).
Do you think it’s worth it to buy the hd8?

Ps: thx for the video!

DanteJ says:

These vs. the HD 600? 

Sam Li says:

Please do a review on vmodas

powercordz says:

I’ve been needing headphones to play my guitar again. What would you guys
recommend to use for headphones to plug into a amp?

Jemaine_Clement says:

Jungle/Drum and Bass DJ here, the swivel feature is ingenious.. There are a
few companies that have tried this previously, but it looks like it
genuinely just works on the HD8.. If they weren’t so damned expensive I
would snap them up..

Adam Mckeithan says:

i want to buy them… summer about here and love to have good headphones as
walking around town..ugh should i buy… they have cable with mic that
work well with these?

edm Triforce says:

+HardwareCanucks Please help me! I have the Sullcandy Mix Master 2.0 (you
should do a review over them) They are Very Very good DJ Hradphones but the
have like very less bass. How much bass do these headphones have? can you
listen to some Trap music and tell me if you can feel the bass? on the
skullcandy mixmasters its like I can only hear it but I dont feel it

KoKi original says:

DJ here! I like them, but I still think the price is a bit much, because
most of us DJ’s would agree that sound quality doesn’t matter that much
when you’re on the set, headphones are just to know what you are playing
next… I would give them a pass if they were around 250 bucks!

Danny Xiong says:

Interesting… When I’m on the stage all that matters is comfort and sound
quality. I feel like they are trying to sell us on a feature that doesn’t
really matter (swivel without moving the band) I’m in need of a new pair I
love my mid range sony mdr-v700 ($150ish at the time) only thing I dislike
is that it’s not very comfortable after a long period of use. So most
important is being able to try it on and hear it perform. Overall I
wouldn’t doubt sound quality but the extra features are quite normal and
one feature that if have to feel to actually be sold on. Waiting to see it
on the shelfs I guess. Thx for the review! 

MaxiTunerJaypee says:

no more music used in the video linked in the description?

KarpfenNOTKrapfen says:

now i just need to sell my kidney and i can finally buy this headphone…. 

KiD NOiZE says:

these headphone look incredible, and the sound must be great
considering Sennheiser does focus on audio, I am definitely going to
purchase these headphone, for Dj’ing and just to listen to them anywhere

Nicholas Major says:

As a DJ, the swivel is the reason i bought the Dre Pros, but i find myself
NEVER USING IT.. i still just slide it behind my ear…. it’s easier that way
to me

I have already purchased these, and they are on their way, I did like the
bass heavy Beat sound, but I just wanted to upgrade… and since i have a
$200 g/c to a music store… i had no idea what else to buy haha

Logitech1591 says:

Hi There,

After watching your review and replying to my previous comment, i have
bought the Sennheiser HD8DJ headphones my only question now is which
portable amp should i buy to use the maximum potential of these headphones,
i was thinking of the Fiio brands but not sure which one, any advice would
be great thank you

Karan says:

Haha I called my friend who is a Dj to watch this, by the end the video was
over, he was drooling haha. He’s probably going to get one in a week.

Glenn Ng says:

Isn’t it Ohms

Huey Laforet says:

They seriously need to give you the HD598s.

Frederik Falck says:

Great review….you makes the best reviews on youtube 🙂 Can you make a
review of the Sennheiser g4me zero and later make a comperition on them

oXoAeternooXo says:

As they are Sennheiser headphones, how do they compare to the Sennheiser
HD-25 II? Those headphones are used by some of the top DJ’s in the world,
and have been given great reviews as well, while having a lower pricepoint
than these.

The swivel-mechanism/hinge isn’t something new and is something I
personally wouldn’t prefer while DJ’ing. Moving the entire side behind the
ear is easier and faster.

The forward-pointing headphone band is quite unique, though it would
require some getting used to.

Great review, as always, and will be considering these for purchase after
your recommendation!

Matthew Santa says:

I’ve got a mate who is a DJ and I bought one for their birthday. They LOVE
IT and use it all the time, especially the left and right cable input and
the single ear-cup retraction for the purpose of what you’ve just told all
the viewers. Using the Amplifier just made it even better.
I’m thinking of getting one myself as I love my music too.
Great review and keep it up! 

specialformula14 says:

The best test as a dj is to wear it 2 hours with 1 ear piece swiveled back.
See if it starts to hurt on the top of your head or if your ears hurt from
being pressed.

Delphis Lafond says:

Great review! I’d like to see a review of the Allen & Heath XONE XD2-53 Dj
Headphone if possible. Thanx.

MrTechnics1200s says:

Just got the hd8 dj. I will be using it for the first time live at the club
tomorrow night. Will update you with a review. As a side note. Got a little
crazy and wanted to try the ie80’s to dj with. Very hard and poor choice.
Didn’t think it would work being the in ear type. So looking forward to the
traditional headphones again.

P.S. I still use my old HD 450’s and can say that over the years have not
found anything better. Want to see if the hd8 will take over the throne.

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