Best Dj Headphones!

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Great headphones for a great price! the American Audio HP550’s


Yazzan Shanableh says:

To be honest they are not the greatest, i had them, they sound great and
all of that but still not the best, but for sure better the beats crap, I
also had the pioneer HDJ-2000 and they definitely are the greatest, the
noise cancellation is amazing and you don’t need to blow off your ears to
hear what you’re playing and they are very strong and durable, I had the
american audio for a year and a half and i gave it away and it was in
perfect condition and they are made from plastic, what do you about having
a pair of headphones made from magnesium alloy, they are very comfortable
too, but kinda expensive to be honest 

Tyson Nase says:

nice review

miguel la corte says:

you don´t need loud headphones… you need noise canceling´re you are going to shit your ears up..stupid

TheNimajaneb says:

For a DJ noise cancelling isn’t good cause it doesn’t work when it’s
cancelling complicated sounds like background noise in a club or bar.

Erick Roque says:

Haha bros. U got the same thinking as I am. I picked up the same headphones
and its a bang for your bucks. Used to have pioneers, stantons but my dog
chewed them up. Haha Give me a shout out on our next video. 🙂 – DJ R2Real

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