BEST DJ Headphones – V-MODA Delivery from VAL KOLTON to LEE KALT – House Music TV

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HouseMusicTV says:

@00771mark real DJs and Producers LIKE MYSELF, dont give a shit about looks
and labels, we only care about Comfortability and Sound Quality, did you
happen to notice David Guetta at the Grammys getting paid several hundred
thousand dollars to wear those shit headphones, TOO ignorant and caught up
to realize that all he did was do the music world a massive disservice be
letting people think those shit headphones are good for DJs. LAME

Kaboom214 says:

And my pair just got stolen last night after a gig. 🙁 Gosh I miss them….

ArJuna22 says:

I don’t know, I thought you looked good in the pink ones. 🙂

HouseMusicTV says:

@flashinglightdj I have tested them at a live show before receiving this

epiccbeatz says:

are these headphones good for everyday use, cause i like to go to school
with headphones to block out all the ppl talking. Are they good at
isolating noise, and for walking abound? thanks (:

flippingdrummer says:

I read that the problem with the plastic cracking has been fixed.

zetatsunami5 says:

Annoying music

XTGR1 says:

is this good for dubstep?

HouseMusicTV says:

RANGE ON ALL FREQUENCIES. V-Moda just won audiophile’s headphone of the

HouseMusicTV says:

@gizroc Yes, they never break, seriously you can abuse these headphone
really badly and they still come up strong

Arthur Kannibal says:

dman…I can’t wit to order these!

HouseMusicTV says:

@flashinglightdj ths DR DRE ones suck, they are cheap and the company just
uses his name to sell at a high price to senseless shoppers. The DR Dre’s
only have one driver for both side of the headphone so you think you are
hearing lots of bass but what you are really hearing is lots of distortion
because the single drive gives off a weak signal and its not enough power
for both side of the headphone. The VMODA’s are the ONLY headphone in the
marked with 2 DRIVERS, one for each side. Trust Me.

VizeAmped says:

@flashinglightdj How was I not able to afford them if I had them retard.
Fuck Beats, they suck dick. I bet Skullcandy headphones are better then

batmanrock33 says:

@MegaThenman most of skull candys products break easy

joshyparty69 says:

Just about all of these headphones except for the pioneer 2000 are shit!

aston yap says:


MrGnarman says:

i think you might be a bit mistaken… the beats have one driver per ear,
while the crossfades have two per ear. you were correct about beats being
distorted though.

bumblebeeTT says:

Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 30 kHz Impedance: 32 Ohms How’s the Output Power

xMATHIEx says:

@flashinglightdj beats are so shit… you obviously have no idea what you
talking about, the bass on beats is increased so much it distorts the song,
do you research and try other headphones before posting shit like that

Daniel Iskenderov says:

Whats the name of the background song?

humbertolazze says:

quisera saver as it is called the song that has the background in this
video good greetings from mexico

allan oteyza says:

hows the structure are they sturdy? i had the sony and the keep breaking
all the time.

VizeAmped says:

@flashinglightdj Beats suck. You just threw a couple hundred bucks out the
window. VMODA is where its at. I had Studio Edition Beats and I returned
them within a week because the 100 dollar VMODA headphones I have had
better quality, cleaner and crispier bass, and much more clarity. Beats are
a overpriced pair of headphones. VMODA for the win. Nuff Said…

feaergt says:

all headphones have 2 drivers… one for each side.

jakeandskylerfilms says:

I know there’s alot of of arguing about beats skull candies and vmodas but
unless youve owned all of them you have no opinion….beats do not suck
they are very good…..skull candys ehhh sometimes good… But vmoda is
hands down the best and at a better price than beats by far

ozonepizza3562 says:

he’s right actually beats use only one driver. you hear sound in each ear
but only a single driver is used. v-moda’s use dual drivers at the same
power consumption as one driver making it more power efficient.

mason chea says:

i wish i could get them 🙁 too poor for this cool gadjets

34rodzilla says:

@HouseMusicTV1 I think Skullcandy stack has 2 as well

HouseMusicTV says:

@lxxMVPxxl The Sennheiser HD 25 cost them $6.50 to manufacture and they
sell for $200 retail. The Crossfades cost $40 to manufacture so if V-Moda
sold them at the same mark up as Sennheiser, the Crossfades would retail
for $1,240. You get what you pay for. Most well known DJs that Use the HD
25 have to replace them 5 times a year. Crossfades never break, they only

xMCL0VINx says:

@XTGR1 Hell yes it is! At least the Corssfades LP’s are. I own a pair, and
it’s better if you have a nice equalizer on your computer’s sound card to
highlight the lows (you can use the ones in iTunes or Windows Media Player,
but I’ve found them to be kinda lame… or use an eq app on an iPod. I use
EQu and have been blown away (almost literally). It handles the bass very
well and can make your brain thump along, if that’s your type of thing, I
know it’s mine.

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