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ProDJEquipment says:

@supraluvers Hey there. Sorry for the delay… The model is HDJ-1000.

xjunitorx says:

Thanxs in the beginner says lol

umut çakmak says:

The Best one is SENHEISER HD 25-1 II it’s awsome !!!

ProDJEquipment says:

It’s Numark’s Red Wave.

m4killed says:

thoose headphones are hdj 1000 by pioneer but the ones on this vid are

OfficialFlexxD says:

Funny that you show us the Hdj 1000 fake one , and i guess that u dont
k`now that 🙂

callum lee says:

the hd-1000’s in the vid are the fake ones haha

xjunitorx says:

What model are those at 36

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