Best Headphones For DJs | Top Choices and What to Look For

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DJ headphones are specialized to enhance the performance of a DJ. There are some specific things you should look for when getting DJ headphones. Check out this video to get the scoop on the top headphones out there today and what features you should consider when buying DJ headphones.

Pioneer HDJ-2000:

AKG 550:

Sony MDR-7520:

Audio Technica ATH-M50:

DJ Headphones:



Reloop RHP-20 Deluxe DJ Headphones

rawanimo says:

I like the video. But, the examples were not very good. The M50’s arent
very bass heavy, honestly. I would recommend classic headphones, like the
realistic nova 20’s i mention in almost every headphone vid i watch. 

Thayalan Kundralan says:

I would suggest the v moda m100

MaxHerzberg says:

cool 😀 where can I get one? xD

caraudioman16 says:

Jason is cool!


no… just no

MaxHerzberg says:

is that blue wall real or is this made with a green screen?

Biff Tannen says:

New “DJs” don’t use headphones

razor5cl says:

No HD-25?

Jeff Cantor says:

Beats pros!?! Skullcandy mix masters!?!

Sonic Electronix says:

Yes, it is very real. 😛

Jason Theroux says:

It is very real!

Jason Theroux says:

well…you can pick up a wall at your local convenience store or home
depot. Then you’ll have to go ahead and paint it blue. Or if you mean the
headphones check out sonicelectronix[dot]com.

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