Denon DJ DN-HP1000 Headphones Unboxing

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Retails fro $199

Get it here for less:


Obviously James says:

What about the beats pro, and sennheiser hd8 dj

★ MC Arts ★ says:

Hifi, could you give me some recommendations? I’m looking for a pair of
over ear or on ear headphones, budget around $30-$40. (Also has to be
available in the UK)

Thanks in advance!

For the Win says:

Hifi can you give me advice on a good pair of earphones/earbuds under 200
or 100. Iam looking for one 

02sieben says:

hey man i am looking for good headphones around 150 – 200 can you give me
some ideas pls
nice vid btw ::)

silisur says:

Mike, beats pro is missing

Jose Ctens says:

what about the beats pro?

ShadyTechReviews98 says:

Is the V-Moda website the only place to get the XL memory foam earpads, or
could I get them somewhere else for less? Same with the M100’s?

Ivan Kostic says:

Hey Hifi please answer! Are the beats mixrs comfortable or not? Because I’m
planning to get them :)

MrGadget says:

HeY, great videos. What’s the best way to get in contact with you? 

La Eternidad Imaginaria says:

I think maybe you missed the Sony MDR XB (700 or 1000) … They are
considered or should be considered as headphones for DJ’s.

Mjor Hit says:

Hifi, Sennheiser hd8 dj or v-moda m-100?
I can’t make a good decision!

Dragomir Koren says:

hd25 sounds sweeeet!!!

aromero119 says:

Hey mike! Is there any possibility you could review the AKG K3003? They
seem interesting and I’ve been curious of those 

MC TEX says:

Do a video on the entire collection
I wanna know who’s the KING

Kaeden Chai says:

Can you recommend a headphone that is a on ear or over ear (prefer over
ear) under 200$ with a bassy sound

Thanks :)

StealthKing says:

Would you recomend beats by dre solo hd for listening to music and djing ?

Mike Schell says:

Hifi can you help me is it worth the upgrade from beats mixr to Sennheiser

speeddjs1 says:


Noel Jacobs says:

Used to have the Neon Mixr, was pretty ” eye candy” ,fair sounding,
favorite sound among Beats headphones, but the clamping force was a deal
breaker for me, so had to sell them. 

Shane Dennis says:

Mike you need to get the Ultrasone dj1 they’re excellent

Mad Lust Envy says:

Many dj ‘phones. Such collection, wauw.

Muhd Rizal says:

audio technica ath m50x?

Tommy Wong says:

do that dj comparison i love to see how if the vmoda m100 really deserves
to be on the top dj headphone list! i don’t own many dj headphones but i
love my m100s!

hifiguy528 says:
StealthKing says:

Would you recomend beats by dre solo hd for listening to music and djing ?

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