DJ DIPLO and Major Lazer wearing Boomphones Headphones. AMAZING BEST DJ

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DJ Diplo and Major Lazer at a SICK PARTY in Hong Kong! WEARING really cool new headphones made by Boomphones. Headphones with External speakers!


bboyck says:

that looks like a hot gig… wish i was there!

gecrowned says:

yeah tell me the name of the song!!!! pls …

Cedric Van Asch says:

@drbendi it’s Seductive – Underground Sound (if you hadn’t found it
already) 😀 keep the $5

bob dicker says:

Diplo and major lazor are the same people….

drbendi says:

ill give someone $5 to tell me the name of the song at the drop…30sec in

Rachelle Kebaili says:

I say g..damn!!!

Tonic356 says:


jim houtzager says:

What is THE song name

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