DJ Headphone Comparison: Beats Studio vs Sennheiser HD7 DJ V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Review

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Headphone Comparison: Review Sennheiser’s HD7 DJ headphones beside V-Moda’s Crossfade M-100, and Studio from Beats By Dr. Dre for yourself with the audio samples provided here.

We look forward to seeing what you think about these cans below. The review starts now and it’s all yours…

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Comparison tracks provided by:
DJ Comish and Brell
The Spamtones

Transcript: Hello everyone, this is Brian from Sonic Sense Pro Audio. Right now we’re gonna take a look at Sennheiser’s new HD 7 DJ headphones and compare them to V-Moda’s Crossfade M-100 and the Beats Studio from Beats By Dre.

Let’s take a quick look at each pair and then we’ll hear some audio samples.

First, the HD 7 DJ. This one was inspired by Sennheiser’s own HD 25 with working DJs in mind. The HD7 DJ features rotatable earcups, and a single sided cable that can be attached to either side. The voicing has been tuned with an emphasis on rhythm and beat matching, while over-the-ear cups provide great isolation from ambient noise on stage.
Lets get the technical rundown…

Next, the Crossfade M-100 from relative newcomers V-Moda. The M-100 has quickly grown in popularity due to it’s unique styling and accurate voicing. With a steel headband, frame, and outer-shield, these are some pretty robust headphones.
Here’s the specs…

Finally, the Beats Studio. These ‘phones feature the signature sound that Beats by Dre is famous for. You’ll find lots of extras here like adaptive noise-cancelling and a 20-hour rechargeable battery.
Here’s the specs…

Since the specs only tell part of the story, we have recorded each of these so you can decide for yourself what best suits your taste.

For more details on how we burn-in and record our headphones, click on the spinning head…

OK lets give them a listen…

To hear more audio samples of these headphones in a variety of musical genres, visit our resource center at sonic sense dot com. From there you will be able to access our entire library of demos, comparisons, and tutorials.

Thank you for watching our Beats Studio vs Sennheiser HD7 DJ V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Headphone comparison!


TeleFire3 says:

Dude which is better, the Dj8 or M50x Thanks:)


Hello. My Pioneer HDJ 2000 break and now i looking new headphones (im DJ)
and i want to test some new headphones. I’m interested in these: V-MODA
M100, AKG K-267 , Philips A5 PRO. What you guys think?

Diego Montoya says:

But why didn’t you compare to the betas mixr 

Jefferent Jef says:

Regarding the sound testing comparison, Would this mean if i put on my
v-moda M-100’s and listen to your sample music, I shouldn’t hear any change
in sound quality when track shifts to v-moda m100 and the source?

BoxDesire says:

Your ad worked! I subscribed, really cool channel!

Usman Malik says:

I would be very grateful if you guys can preform/post a sound sample of the
Logitech UE6000.

LOeil et lebon says:

Really good jobs guys, all comparison should be done like this!! Thanks
from france!

Luke Smith says:

can you make a sound test with the sms audio pro and the v moda lp?

sobo2001 says:

Beats sound like youre at a PARTY! Except that youre locked in a closet.

Scott Smith says:

HD7 wins it. and the Beats are just horrible lol.

Michele Giuseppe Iurlo says:

Hm HD7,Vmoda,Beats from a audiquality perspective, but in the end tastes
can still differ, allthough i think even if “bass head” then the Vmoda or
HD7 would make a better fit then the beats…. beats still just a bass mess
and nothin else in my opinion. Yes its better then the original studio, but
still not even remotely audiophile… HD7 and Vmoda are at least enjoyable
in my opinion. 

Maaluv Patel says:

Will you be doing the v moda Xs headphones

David Bishop says:

What was the first song name?

Andrew Lees says:

I keep saying this. Beats headphones are made for studio mixes – they are
designed to show you what’s wrong with your mix and are not forgiving. If
you want Beats for music buy the executives. Bass is NEVER a mess on
Beats, every studio in the world uses Beats for bass mixes because nothing
else comes close, a perfect bass on the Beats will be perfect or more
perfect on other headphones. You can see from the above that the V-Moda’s
are the closest to source and give perhaps the gentlest of boosts (for
music listening), the DJ are made for DJs so more emphasis will be on the
beat. The Sennheiser’s are a DJ tool, the Beats are a Studio tool, leaving
only the V-Moda’s as a music listening device. 

science akbar says:

I could use help on my headphones reveiw chanel i need subscribers so i can
do more reveiws sonicsence

AllYourTechNow says:

Just as I thought. Beats are overpriced and they sound bad.

Ben Berlin says:

I cried while listening the VModa cross fades the first time. BUY THEM

flippingdrummer says:

I have V-Moda M-100’s and i am very happy with them, I listened to the
relays on my speakers and I think that the M-100’s appear to be more
accurate, while the Sennheiser seemed to be a better DJ sound, more bass
and treble, I personally like my headphones and have phone apps to increase
bass and lower it. Never the less, I was wondering what your opinion for
the best headphones are, per-say which are your favorite and why?

405line says:

Totally great reviews.

Sennheiser have the usual “old telephone” balance, the Crossfade M-100 are
very rich but seem to still retain the essence of the recording, it has an
acceptable colouration, Beats Studio……sounds like one of those software
DSP things you usually immediately switch off.

Mathew Emir says:

OMG beats sound crap in comparison whit the vmoda m 100 xd

Peter Lazarov says:

beats studio sounds muffled

NKKKY says:

Crossfade has cool sounds.

Mongkoker says:

Wow Vmoda M-100 plays exact same as test tracks! No wonder!

Prince Leftridge II says:

I am liking the V-Modas to the point that the Sennheisers got knocked to

Topscov says:

Defiantly vmodas. Even the hd7 is very very good. 

za1pp says:

Beats shouldn’t even be compared to those two beats are horrible

kevin min says:

I think the phrase “the signature sound that beats by dr.dre are famous
for” is just to make fun of the brand lol

44samul says:

wow the beats have like no mid

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