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I visited Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center this past Monday. I needed talk to the pro’s about DJ Headphones. There so many out there, not everyone knows whats out now and what are the best within your price range.


avalanche says:

hdj cans are overrated

Mesten says:

10.07 seriously ? everything is quiet and then when I turned my headphones

Robert G says:

About Beats:
Yes, you’ll look cool to some people. But most people who know their shit
(Other DJs and people who know their shit, etc.) will not think your beats
look “cool”.

DJ Jerry says:

keep this in mind. These what was available. Not sure if your a pro dj or
other. But glad you made a comment.


@musicadjsblogspot would you recommend the Pioneer HDJ-1500 headphones?

DJ Jerry says:

Soundcloud dj_reaper202

DJ Jerry says:


kingdomheartsfan1346 says:

Why the fuck, in your cat’s god damn, mother fucking name, is beats there

DJplatanoes says:

Agreed. Beats are overrated

DJ Jerry says:

For one I don’t like you use of words. I will flag you for foul language.

reviewerschoice99 says:


MovieMan797 says:

cause it’s fashion

nAlvaradoProductions says:

8323s/hp541s will outpreform beats any day. At the pricepoint you could go
with a custom mogami cable as well. I’m also surprised ATH-M50S were not

saran42yu says:

theyre fine for djs as long as their foul marketing stays out of the
producer/hifi area

Jimothy Smegmer says:

Beats aren’t dj cans…

Jimothy Smegmer says:

They have poor isolation, weak one note bass with very poor sub bass,
uncomfortable as all hell and they’re $400? I could buy 2 or 3 pairs of
cans for that price that outperform them. The big name and the sheer weight
of their build tricks you into thinking they’re quality.

tjeerdvanoord says:

yes but they arent trash they arent as good as you expect they are for the
price and yes the Xone-53 is better and lots of headphones are but it isn’t

Jac Wilkins says:

u missed the worlds MOST popular dj headphone……… hd25…. clearly no
dj here. if ur gonna do a video like this, learn ur product range…

DJ Jerry says:

Lol a few people just don’t like beats. Hahaha

Dzastynas says:

sennheiser hd25 is like a bmw for djs

DJ Jerry says:

I like to use my shure inner ear monitor 425 when I dj. Before that I was
using numark red wave. That was ok until the cable got a short.

Aaron Lane says:

disliked the second he said that beats have good sound -_-

Jimothy Smegmer says:

That doesn’t mean they’re DJ headphones. They most likely were paid to
endorse that brand. Even then, The Pro model is pretty trash for the $400
you gotta fork out for em. A pair of Xone-53 outperform them in almost
every way. Though the Pro’s have excellent build.

Jac Wilkins says:

HD25’s Have been around for many many many years.. you should also check
out AiAiAi Tma-1’s. these 2 are the leading choice in pro dj headphones

DJ Jerry says:

many pro hip-hop dj’s s use them.

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