DJ Splitter Cables Explained

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With a DJ splitter cable, you can have a headphones output and an output for your speakers, without the need to buy an external sound card. But you need to buy the right cable, and you need to know how to set your software up. Read more at


Siddharth Jha says:

Hey Phil, tell me, if I use a splitter cable with left channel going to the
speakers and the right to my headphones, wont the audience hear the music
from only one speaker? And won’t i be listening from only one side of the

jose ramirez says:

thank you do you know of any low budget professional soundcards?

Chris Peters says:

Good video,very clear.

Ali Sanchez says:

Awesome vid mate! Thank you very much.

carlos diego says:

What is the name of the second cable you displayed I been looking around
for that kind of cable and can’t find it

JonnyOneEyes says:

Thank you so much for this Phil!! :o) 

Lewis Timms says:

Ok, thanks!

Digital DJ Tips says:

We haven’t tested with Android, sorry.

morgando2 says:

I realized that after I hit post, my mistake. You are correct. Hopefully
somebody out there will design a sound card for these tablets to maintain
the stereo quality. Those of us who DJ as mobile for the most part use two
very loud powered speakers. We use stereo not mono. A Tablet sound card
would be nice. 🙂

zillomab says:

Hi Phil. I liked your explanation about Y-split cables. It helped a lot.
Thank you!

Elijio Torres says:

can you use the griffin dj cable on a mac?

Digital DJ Tips says:

…or just a tablet with dual stereo outs. We can dream…

Digital DJ Tips says:

@TheXavierNogueira Come and ask on digitaldjtipsDOTcomSLASHforum and I’ll
help you further.

DeeJaySmear says:

@DigitalDJTips Hey Phil! Just a quick question.. I have recently brought a
new HP Laptop with 2 sound outputs in it. I would like to know if it is
possible to split the two different channels to each output without needing
a splitter cable and instead my two outputs.

TheXavierNogueira says:

just got one today, i dont really understand how to cue though

dmanguitar8 says:

nice video~ I have a little herculees mk4 and need a splitter cable ,what
kind? thanx it has rca outs to 1/4″ into a mixer

Digital DJ Tips says:

That’s what the DJ controller is for, it lets you choose what you play in
your headphones and what you pay in your speakers, so you can easily switch.

morgando2 says:

Sir, the software is not creating the DJ split set up. The split is
designed in the wiring of the splitter. The software doesn’t know what is
plugged into the headphone jack.

Yu Fujishiro says:

does it work with traktor pro??

Digital DJ Tips says:

Usually not I don’t think, as it’s tied to the controller it was sold with.

Digital DJ Tips says:

@zillomab Glad to be of assistance.

Carlos Franco says:

The radio shack splitter sucks, i will try griffin one. thanks for the tip

Digital DJ Tips says:

That depends on the sound card fitted to your HP.

DJbeatdown1 says:

i think you deserve so many nore views than u get

jeremex34 says:

And? Set Up ?

morgando2 says:

In regards to the pre listen stereo issue with Tablet DJing. If Blue tooth
audio is being used, will the headphone jack function independently? 1)
Blackberry Playbook 2) Black Berry Gateway Blue Tooth device 3) Pacemaker
DJ app

Carlos Oliveira says:

Hi phil, in the video you say we can make it with virtual dj… can you
explain that? Cause i want make a party and i must hear the beat in my
headphones and the music, but i dont want to the people listen the beat,
Only the music… thanks 🙂

nyambotgidi says:

Dear Presenter, where can we get this software please? Does it come as a
package with the splitter cable? Thanks

nateoz says:

Damnit, just bought a 3,5 mm to 2x 3,5 mm ! (Both stereo).. the cable that
you have SPLITS L and R, my cable double this !

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