How To Set Up Virtual DJ Headphone Without Second Soundcard

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How to setup monitor headphones – free and properly without buying two sound cards etc.

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login says:

Thank you !!!

Tanya Ashmuz says:


Alexander Gonzalez says:


iJamiee- says:

can you make it so deck 1 comes out of the left headphone and deck 2 comes
out of the right headphone?

Spike Page says:

Thanks for this…only a pity it does not appear to work with the free
version according to a previous comment.

Is there a crack or workaround for free VDJ users out there?

andishism says:

you had won a subscriber,best review available ,thanks 

Ersla Ersla says:

Thanks boss finally one that worked. 

Tyrone Berry says:


graphicalarteditor says:

I did the same procedure as you did but I don’t know why the 2 channels
kept playing on my headphones and not my Speakers aswell please help.

John Hepi says:

Thanks for posting this, Ive found it really helpful and I’m using it on
virtual dj 8

David Vasquez says:

thanks for the video, I was just wondering if is possible to dj using USB

Alec Lubin says:

If you have a Numark Controller, the cue button in the center works as the
PFL button on Virtual DJ

Dennis A says:

Many Thanks for this. I found it extreamly helpful. Wish I’d watched this
before spending over £60 on a Sound Blaster USB SC. THANKS!!!

Colin Stienke says:

It works with USB audio cards wooo

Γιώργος Ρήγας says:

i must have headphones with usb man??? plz answer me

Colin Stienke says:

Holly sh*t do you are good thanks an lot it works i had an proublem with my
USB audio and that helped so so much

Ma Vazi says:

Do you need Virtua DJ PRO version for this to work? I have the FREE version
and it says that i need to have the PRO one.

Devrani Moonsamy says:

Thank You Dude this was an awesome manuel great stuff big up to You….

Tanja Markovic says:

Ok my question is can the same audio settings work when you already got the
second usb external sound card? Tnx!

Old Nick says:

it works but they only allow you for 10 minutes to use it for free -.-

DJVetz510 says:

I wanted to send out a thank-you for the video, It didn’t help me much, but
it motivated me to find a solution to using regular DJ headphones and still
be able to send out my “master” output to my main mixer/ Powered Speakers.
Here’s a link: How To Set-up DJ2Go with Headphones and Master-Output

Carlos C says:

Thanks Man!

Ashwin Prasad.A says:


GMD45321 says:

I Remember <3 Thanks Man!

Sherif Savill says:

what version of VD is this as I have V 5.0 and there is no advanced options
under outputs

Dj. John F Wayne says:

email me

Ismrtlyman says:

If you had a set tomorrow and didnt know this you may be in for a bad time

yvesmdjgryphon says:

PFL = pre fade listen

aivarsaab says:

thank you man i finaly got it do work even whit out the usb headset no prob
i had a plugin por for the headset on my monitor and i chous it for my
headset option works perfekt

pster76 says:

Thanks mate you’re da best!

chooochooo says:

Thank you for this video!! Works GREAT!!

Dj. John F Wayne says:

i still hear both songs on my headphones insted on one on the decks & anthr
song in my headphones?????????????

Lee Venn says:

Finally … a straight forward no nonsense well put together tutorial ….
very much appreciated . thank you very much …lee , south wales .

0bzol3t3 says:

Very helpful dude!! Thank you for the upload!!!

Emes says:

2:22 for headphoons

Daniel Gokhman says:

Thank You Its Just Not Enough! Please Keep Doing Those Videos You Really
Good At That And Its A Rare Gift Today

CashMoneyLA says:

finally a video that cut straight to the point with ease. Can’t thank you
enough. I have a set tomorrow and would be in a tough patch if i couldn’t
figure this out.

Paul Sayer says:


OfficialAlea says:

Hey man, great tutorial. I’m basically a beginner, but i have good
knowledge of computers etc, but when i was purchasing my decks i wasn’t
paying attention and ended up buying the Numark Mixtrack opposed to the
Pro, if you know of them then you will know that the pro has a built in
soundcard. So basically what i need to ask is, will this work when im using
my Mixtrack? Cause i dont fancy forking out anymore money for a external
soundcard or a new set of decks, Cheers.

Terry Deane says:

thx pal Im a noob and this really helped cheers

Valentin Schmidt says:


solopeiner says:

Wow , really great ! Thanks for the Video ! Helped me out .

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