IFrogz DJ Style Headphones(Best headphones under $50)

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Today we have a review of the Earpollution DJ Style Headphones by IFrogz. I absolutely love these headphones. Heres what to expect from the review:
-Price -Style -Quality -Comfort
-Clarity of sound -Strength of sound -Bass
-My Overall opinion

Check em out at:


Driver Unit :50mm
Impedance:32 ohms +/- 15%
Sensitivity :105dB +/- 3dBz
Frequency Response:20-20,000Hz
Cord Length:1.2M


DRU623 says:

I bet these sound like 2 pound earbuds

castro5661 says:

hahaha…i hate you!…lol

Studio1043 says:

Audio Technica ATH-M50s, Bose, Seinheiser are The Leaders

AquahoIic says:

Do these flat your hair? I hate it when my hair looks wierd and flat around
my ears after using my heaphones…

YoungO Bean says:

nice review..

castro5661 says:

oh ok…well these are real good quality for your buck and if your looking
for earphones your can’t go wrong with Lentekk Sonix..

InsideIpodHelp says:

nice job

castro5661 says:

your forgeting the “DJ” style “headphones” dont usually use mics. thats
more of an earphone thing.not a fan of the mic anyways.I looks like a
telemarketer headset

Puppet Doctor says:

Nice review on the DJ Style Headphones. I have the iFrogz Ear Pollution
Headphones and love them.

touchthemapples says:

hahahhahah get on skype later if possible

carLOS vERA says:

wat do u think of Beats By Dre i have them and im not shure if i should by
newer earphones/head phones/

iPodKidNB says:

@DJTekie Fuc*,Just buy Beats By Dr.Dre O.O

InTouchWithIpods says:

does it have a mic?

19Seattle93 says:

@Llamaking24 yes.

Scruffy k says:

Wow, Nice review dude, I might pick one of these up. Keep it up!

TouchDawg says:

did you egt this sent out to you?

Jimothy Smegmer says:

Panasonic HTF-600 Incipio F38 DBI pro 700 Monoprice 8323 All better better
than these, and under $50.

Hatsune Miku says:

nice review i am buying it thanks alot

castro5661 says:

i’v heard the beats are some realy good headphones? why would you want to
replace them?

MrFanatic69 says:

awesome headphones nice review as always 5/5 XD

TheMatthewBe says:

You could always do extreme bass on your equalizer

leesha666 says:

a few things; 1. you need to apply for partner ! you really deserve it! 2.
Those are some amazing headphones.. i have checked them and the ear
pollution ones that you design yourself. 3. as always, great review! x

headphonejunkie1 says:

@twinkyloks101 he has a link in desc.

touchthemapples says:

DID i help lol

myfatson says:

Dude 26 bucks on amazon

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