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To purchase these headphones click here:

Monster Beats by Dre Pro:

Pioneer HDJ-500:

Allen & Heath XD-53:

Shure SRH750DJ:

To learn more about what DJ MadFlip’s favorite headphones, check out our blog:

DJ MadFlip from answers the question many people have been asking, “what are your favorite headphones?” He breaks down his favorite DJ headphones at different price points.

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Radi Renggli says:

I have the Sennheiser HD-25C II and really love them

DMP says:

You have no idea what ur talking about beats pros are shiiitttt the mixrs
are pretty good tho. If there ur top 4 favourite headphones that’s kinda

Andrew Wroblewski says:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

TheZeBrony says:

I hope that the beats part is a joke.
Also, you put a pair of HDJ-500s there? Why not 1500, or 2000?
And where are the Pro700Mk2s, and the other great Technics, and AKG
headphones? Wow man, this should be called ‘DJ headphones for people who’re
either looking to waste money, or don’t know very much about models, or
sound quality, nor durability!’ or something like that. Sure, you might be
a good DJ, i have no doubts, but your choice of headphones, YUK! 

Dennis Zurlinden says:

hahahaha beats XDDD incredible performance :D:D what a joke :D

Yorden Groot says:

oh man u did not just compared beats to anything in that price range. 🙁
thats just sad

Adrian Paczull says:

Why the hell are HDJ500’s compared to Beats Pro’s? The Beats are like 4
times dearer :/ And tbh HDJ’s are probably better…

LoftOfTheUniverse says:

“Looks, comfort, and performance alone” Which one of those three alone? Or
is it al three as a group “alone”? or did you just mean performance alone
so the first two points are irrelevant? I think you got paid to praise
those beats headsets. Only Highschool DJs would use those lol. Sennheiser
25’s, Pioneer 2000s, ATH M50s all beat the beats, and most cost less

Monty Morris says:

im diggin’ those shure’s … their durability is good stuff

nickwen says:

Hi, can I ask if you’re wearing this outside, does the coiled cable gets
abit irritating for you?

Jonathan Pena says:

I really like the Audio Technica Ath M50. i own a pair they kill the beats
any day. CHECK THEM OUT!

Robert Bruist says:

if your Djing r&b or rap Dr Dre’s are awesome but using them for house,
minimal etc they just give a fake bass sound that sounds completely
different on the dance floor. i did my research and went for the HD25-2II
and love them. Sound amazing, every thing is replaceable and best thing of
all the music coming out of them is whats coming out of the speakers. no
enhanced bass lines. so i know the crowd is hearing what i want them to.

TheReviewShack says:

I have pioneer

johnyy CArlos says:

beats pro or pioneer hdj500? ( no need of faqing haters of beats comments)

eaglesnot says:

I agree w/ u man crossfades r the way 2 go

nikovuko says:


FunnyAlejandro says:

I have a question, i wanna buy headphones, and i’ll use them to dj, but
also in the studio i’ll have. I’m 17 years old btw. So, what do you
recommend (for djing and for studio, and well for school,traveling,gym,etc:
Beats Mixr, Beats Pro, V-Moda Crossfave LP/ or LP2, Audio Technica or
Sennheiser? I’m looking for great Sound Quality, and Material Quality as
well. Money to invest: 180$-300$ PD: Music i listen to/and dj, is
House/Electro/Dance: Avicii, Afrojack, Hardwell, Tiesto… Thanks!

Uniquesquared says:

@nikovuko If you have the means, get the XD-53’s.

Todor Delev says:

HD-25s are whats on my head now

Michael Di Ruocco says:

Hdj 2000 over beats anyday

DjARTisROCK says:

Not trying to be mean, but for those who keeps on posting or asking why
hdj, sony, etc are not on the lists. The title says… Madflip’s top 4…
That’s his top 4, not your top 5 or his 6… Peace!

TheReviewShack says:

Society fucked up beats

Stephen Derong says:

The thing I like about the Beats is that it makes chicks think you’re cool.
But seriously, my all time favorite was the Technics RPDJ1200. Had them
stolen at a party and I replaced them with the Sony MDR700. They’re good,
but my head is shaped weird. But seriously, if you’re just matching beats,
then anything will really do. Beats do sound great, but paying for all that
marketing just doesn’t warrant buying them. I suggest to do what other DJ’s
have done, steal someone’s at a party. jk

Danny Smith says:

Anyone thinking about buying the Shure’s, Get them! they are a brillaint
set of headphones. i have owned these headphones for about a year now and
then have done me well in every DJ set from Bedroom to Clubs. I have used
and abused them and to this day they still have the same quality from when
i unboxed them. Can’t fault them.

Ben Zhu says:

lmao, i don’t even see the hd 25

nikovuko says:

@Uniquesquared they ain’t to big on the head for a child??:)

DJ NOAH says:

ok thanks

boy82killer says:

beats by Dr Dre? Hahahahahha, you,’re paying for branding not quality.
They’re okay but for that price, you might aswell just buy yourself a new
controller instead. XD 53s are the winners here

gdmcgill says:

xd-53 +1

Andrew Vigil says:

What about the pioneer HDJ-2000?

Henry Leach says:

which one should i get shure srh750dj or allen and heath xone xd-53??? plz

ke v says:


joelwylde says:

best bang for the buck xone xd-40

crimsongarth says:

wondering how much he got paid by monster hdj 2000 are better

Uniquesquared says:

@izzzzzz6 Agreed, it is sometimes inconvenient but they stay on for the
most part as long as I’m not drenched in sweat!

Megadeth6633 says:

they are behind in sound quality compared to these. i’ve tested xd 53 and
crossfades side by side, crossfades aren’t in the same league as the xd

johnyy CArlos says:

i agree that pioneer are great, but you are just a stupid beats hater

TheReviewShack says:

I hav hdj n redwave

Ευτύχης Βαβαγιάκης says:

Allen & Heath Xone XD2-53s or Audio-Technica ATH-PRO700MK2ANVs have a
flatter frequency response?

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