My Top 5 Favorite Headphones

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Watch My Top 5 Favorite Headphones 2.0 video here:

Find them here:
#5 – Audio Technica ATH-WS70 -
#4 – Soul by Ludacris SL300 –
#3 – Audio Technica ATH-M50 –
#2 – Beats Wireless –
#1 – Sony Pulse Wireless Headset –

My PERSONAL top 5 list of headphones that I’ve reviewed so far. I am not stating that any of these headphones is by any means better than the other. These are just my favorites in order, and why.

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UrAvgConsumer says:

Just a heads up, I have a new Top 5 list on my channel. Watch it here: (links also in the description as well as an
annotation at the start of the video)

Ted Pollard says:

Every headphone you talked about except number 3 was made for rap music.
There is more to good sound then BASS.

Mr_Maksim_ says:


david maison says:

do you think the astro a40 better than audio technica ath-m50 ?

Mazzy says:

First of all, Beats suck, the new Apple ones are better, but they still
suck. The Souls are very cheaply made, sound quality much worse than #5,
and build quality terrible. But, with the shitty pop music nowadays, it
doesn’t matter if headphones suck. 

tusmorninginsept911 says:

The pair of Beats; that I had.. gave me a rash.. Honestly.. It took a week
to clear-up.. They were a gift from my wife.. but ehhhh!; enough of that..
They were uncomfortable, by the pressure that they put on your ears as
well.. They actually caused my ears to ache…. I am; however, going to try
the Sony’s you mentioned.. I just bought a set after listening to your
review.. Please feel free to copy and paste this, and send it to Sony.. I’m
pretty sure that there are others who listened to your review that have
bought a set after watching this.. Sincerely, jim kosior

Nerdy Broski says:

Oh my god, this dude has Beats as #2?! Really?! Throw those things in the
garbage. One word: OVERHYPED 

fxrsniper1 says:

Nice how you didnt mention one set by sennheiser which are just as good if
not better than pretty much everyone you said. By your biased towards rap
music headphone doesn’t make this a good review. I have the Sennheiser 380
HD pro which are slightly better than the Ath M50 and definitely better
than anything beats has.

H0ust0n1000 says:

Is there a decent pair of over the ear, bluetooth and active noise
cancelling headphones for under $100. I need something to fly with. Thanks.

Ward Huyskes says:

If beats are in your top 5 than there is no way that you tried more than
five headphones. If you are going to ad headphones from that price range
than actually do that. You can get far better headphones with better bass
and mids and highs and durability and comfortability and great design.

Adam Winskill says:

Do a review on the Tritton Kunai for PS3 please 

Carlos Palada says:

If headphones don’t stretch to fit your head, get a hammer and bang your
head to make them fit.. That’s a good fix 

SoccerSeo says:

can you buy a different cord for the Audio Technica m50s?

tusmorninginsept911 says:

Klipsch Mode M40 ? Klipsch Image One II Headset ? 

StateAlchemistAdam says:

i saw that monitor on newegg and ebay its a sony brand tv with like”250hz”
and everyone talks about how they lie about the description

Michael Warren says:

Bose QC15 better than Beats, Fact!!!!

Ward Huyskes says:

This is complete bs

Croozer says:

Denon AH-D 600

Relxa™ says:

Dislike if your gonna but Beats at least put better beats -_-

Muhd Feroz says:

Nice review man ! might ge getting the audio technica ath m50 :)

Blaze Day says:

there not cheap you just rich 

JENKApro says:

Ching chong

Unknown Unknown says:

Sound quality of Hi-Fi doesn’t matter. Say you have 5.1 surround highest
sound quality on the market speaker setup. It can only make it worse, the
speaker (headphones) are outputting not processing. So all it can do is
make it worse. 

Trigger Finger says:

You only had 2 decent headphones in your list, you have clearly never heard
any real good sound quality headphones.

Totalface plam says:

The fact that beats were anywhere in this list at all means that this guy
likes nothing but bass and hates mids and lows. If you like bass that much
go get yourself a pair of sony xb500s they are cheaper and have MUCH better
sound quailty.

Ricardo Teixeira says:

Hello can you tell me please if this headphone was a good choice to my
work? (radio work) Many thanks.

Isac Liberia says:

Check out the RYTHMZ BLU HD headset

Pedro Ariz says:

Yours 3rd best headphones -> Audio-Technica ATH-M50 (which, by the way, is
an excellent choice)
SO… yours 2nd choice, since you’ve raised the bar… what will it be?
KRK, SHURE or BEYERDYNAMIC headphones… ?? What is it ?! I’m curious !!
– Beats By Dre Wireless ! -> “…because they look good”


d3tach3d says:

Modded T50RPs

ZaK GA says:

omg….audio ath-m50 on third place? and what the fuck, soul by ludacris
and beats? dude…this is top 5 BEST headphones not WORST…dude…I
trusted you…how much money did you get for this? 

Rich Self says:

Lol im suprised its not a beats hands down top 5 for you”AVERAGE CONSUMER”
beats cost to much, sound alright, look kind of cool, have a crappy build
quality, an only the logo an celebrity endorsement an people like you
Overhyping them to keep them popular. So um yeah Beats Suck. 

Jonathan Haycox says:

Can the vss work on the Wii, ipod, and/or TV? I’m thinking about getting
one, but I do not have a ps3/4. Please respond if u know the answer to any
of the electronics if the work with the virtual surround sound.

archie gamer says:

Razed kracken forged edition

2mnyshp says:

you forgot the Shure SE535

Razimi Rahman says:

nigga must be on crack, beats at #2 beating m50?!!!

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