Pioneer HDJ-2000 Professional DJ Headphones Review

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I created this video using my Logitech webcam software.


Marck Gomez says:



yeah these are the headphones uhhhhhh now for the coil uhhhh their 9 ft
uhhhhhhhhhh LOOOL

cindy a says:

Too much uh uh uh…

Charles Lu says:


Mert Ülker says:

GAMİNG product review?Really?…

Carlos Flores says:

Uhh, maybe, uhh notecards uuuuuuuuhhhh .uh thats all I uhh have to uh say
uh uh.

Tracy Donigan says:

You said uh 367 times

Samuel Thompson says:

dont forget to wash your hands after handling the cord! it causes cancer
and birth defects!!!!!!!!!!! it says in the ‘manual’

Made1nGreece says:

+KronikSupra you totally suck.they’re not headphones but another
fashion accessory.these are true headphones

Harris Luca says:

You said about 75 times “uh” it’s a bit disturbing man ;p just try to
reduce it. ;p

Ellusionist01 says:

What KhanhGuy said about product longevity is true. The reason why
manufactures plate the end of plugs and adapters in nickel and gold is to
prevent the plugs from oxidizing. Once an untreated plug begins to oxidize
and corrode it can affect the connection performance of the headphones.

Alex Lindemann says:

annyone notice the finger point ing bewtween 4:50 to 5:10

Richard McRichardson says:

how is the bass on it??

TheMidnightrunnerman says:

are they over ear?

guitarguy1234132 says:

these are manly for dj only, these will not sound as good in a iPod,mp3,etc
as on a computer or dj equipment

armani1326 says:

Why the fuck are people comparing those beats by dre to Pioneer??!! beats
are nothing more than multi-colored toys for people who just want attention
and the “coolest” things to buy. I bet a set of koss speakers from the
1980’s sound better than beats.

MrHobj34 says:

uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh derrrp dj uhhh
wwuhhhh.uuuuu wanjkiii ummm so uhhhh durrrrrrr

Pri yon Joni says:

Can we please watch a headphone review with no one commenting about Beats
by Dre?

leksasdf says:

Koss porta pro from 1984 ACTUALLY sounds better than beats 🙂 The best
entry headphones ever made

MrTailsSwifty says:

Ok ill do it for him the beats pro absolutely suck ass and are over priced
while hdj2000’s are amazing 😀

CordUprise says:

Beats have like a crackly noise on some songs thats what I found out

Dejay Venom says:

Can u do a straight up HDJ-2000 vs. Beats Pro video?

Cesar Rios says:

haahah false…..

Jingkang Yap says:

yes they are

MovieMan797 says:

It’s a bit uhhhh annoying when uhhhh people talk uhhhh like this uhhhh but
uhhhh it is still uhhhh a good uhhh vid.

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