Razer Adaro DJ Headphones- Unboxing

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Finally I received these headphones, Adaro DJ truly is amazing!
Like my headphones?
► http://www.razerzone.com/store/razer-adaro-dj

This video is recorded with a phone- Sony XPERIA Z1! The sound quality of the video is not the best! Don’t forget to leave a like, subscribe if you want to see more!
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TheToastyBanana says:

Are these worth the price? There only $199 on Amazon.com! Is there anything
better as I am buying?

Renegade Plays says:

Hi i would like to apply for the Network Partnership but it wont let me. Is
there a way io can get a hold of u a.k.a skype. (mine is proriptide )

moherowy13 says:

Do you even listen to your audio before you upload?

Crest Gallium says:

I like how you pretended to know what that cable was for but could not
explain what it was.

TheToastyBanana says:

Can you plug these into ipad?

Travis Haley says:

You talk to much just focus on the main freaking thing, the unboxing! 

Teh1AnnOwnLeeByukk says:

Find it hilarious how Razer just took the ATH-M50x, and slapped their logo
on it. It’d be even more disrespectful if the sound quality was worse,
which, let’s face it, it’s most likely the case. Coming from Razer, it’s
sad that there’s 0 meaningful innovations put into these headphones. They
remind me of some Chinese knock offs because of it. 

ThePsychoticBiotic says:

dont buy the adaro in ears they didnt even last a month. they broke

Hoc Ly says:

Why do these look EXACTLY the same as my M50x Audiotechnica? :

Rick McStick says:

These headphones any good, I’m looking to upgrade

Илюша Неизвестный says:

Спасибо за обзор!

BakexCake says:

totally looks like an athm50’s

Monster Luck says:

Yes they are expensive, but these headphones have 50mm dynamic drivers.
Bass is just OMG

Whore Master says:

crap! put it in the trash and get the technics rp dj 1200! lol

Travis Haley says:

You talk to much just focus on the main freaking thing, the unboxing! 

arvid derp says:

LOL 200$ i got them for less than 150 :D

Declan Murphy says:

cool headphones :)

Marco Brimon says:

wooah im currently listening your unboxing using my Hmmerhead and i get
scared at 2:22 haha

just a random account:) says:


Monster Luck says:

First video, remember starting on 27.May with Watch Dogs officially!

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