Sennheiser HD8 DJ Full Review

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My HD8 DJ review is here. Sennheiser sent this over to me for review and I was absolutely blown away by both the build quality and sound quality of this amazing piece of audio hardware.

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Pedro Oliveira says:

Linus sorry for the bother….
Actually i am very interested on both the hd8 and the denon d600’s….
Wich in your opinion is better? Specially in terms of clarity on the highs
and mids (i already know both have great bass)?
I had the over ear momentums and loved them but the fit was too small for
me and therefore overall bass response and confort was affected by that
over/on ear mix…. i am now trying to find a replacement for those….


Audio46 Headphones - Headphone Superstore says:

How do these compare to the ATH-M50x?

Justin Wilson says:

I was so excited until the 400$ price bomb dropped.

dementedp says:

Can anyone tell me which headset is the best for gaming? and that includes
a Mic too? im an active player who needs communication with my team, but
also wants the best audio quality as possible. If you know something good
under the 100$ it would be great.

BereghostGames says:

I totally understand this headset is for music. I am a avid gamer as I do
video game commentary for a living and I’ve been on the search for
literally months for “The” headset of my dreams. I’ve purchased and
returned (No Joke) over 15 pairs of headphones and headsets due to them
being either uncomfortable after hours or gameplay or me trying the hype of
gaming headsets such as Razer and Astros. My question to anyone that owns
these or Linus if he even reads this comment is how would this do on the
gaming side?
I love the fact these headphones can kick off to the side when I am
doing commentary but I also want an amazing headphone when gaming to hear
all those amazing bass loaded explosions in FPS games, Amazing ambient
sounds and music in games like Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls ect.
If anyone reads this that has any insight what so ever I would greatly
appreciate the feedback in how these would do for gaming. Thanks in advance
and keep up the great reviews Linus.

OctaviaMC says:

I’m going to get these, thanks Linus!

Kevin Chan says:

I just got these in Canada for 429.99, There great in the low frequency
department. I’m definite not happy. Its alright, the mids and high would
have been better. I may have to break these headphones in first. Worst part
Retailer has a restocking fee of 10%+ for returns. 

RovexHD says:

Terrible sound….

Jeb Luke says:

He looks really weird with a headset on! XD

Raven Myers says:

Does it use real leather? I hope not :p

Lukas Johansson says:

Is ATH-M50+E10K still a good choice for a reasonable price?

Sm311yBaT says:

will these work good with metal/rock?

DrathVader96 says:

Well, these are DJ headphones, these are almost always bassy.

Jesper Brandt says:

Sennheiser hd8 vs Momentum??? I don’t know wich ones i should buy!! Please
help! I currently use the Beats mixr and i love them so i don’t want
anything with less bass…… I want clarity… I listen mostly to EDM like
Avicii and David guetta. Thanks! :)

Kenshima15 says:

could someone recommend a good looking gaming headset with a good mic for
under $40? 

Ausmick Ardiansyah says:

Hey Dude, want to ask you opinion, i confused wheter buy HD8 DJ or
Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear, i Like EDM but im no Proffesional, but like a
lot listen EDM in my smartphone everyday… Please, but me personally like
HD8 but the Momentum have in line mic and the design good too, good for
smartphone.. So Please Help Me.. Thanks..

jimmyf1312 says:

Can anyone comment on how these perform out of a mobile device like an
iPhone 5s? I have a amp and DAC for my desktop at home but I don’t want to
lug around any portable amps 

Luis Arqueros says:

I prefer wiredless Sennheiser headphones.

John Bryce says:

“I guess this a dj feature” to the 4 ear cup positions???
They are headphones built for Dj’s dumb ass!
It even says it on the side of the headphones!

Bros Game says:

are these good for gaming?

BadAssBlackOverlord says:

I listened to this through my Sennheiser HD 800. I’m assuming my HD 800 is
still of over all better sound quality but lacking in bass correct?

guesswho kk says:

I’m looking to invest one really good headphone with 2 uses (gaming &

i.e. I need: Active Noise Cancellation (travel) & Surround sound (gaming).

Is this the right model? If not which one?

Scott Smith says:

LINUS, you gotta do a cross comparison of these vs the new Urbanite XL

Naamtar says:

You’re really passionate in this one Linus – keep that up, I felt more
engaged watching this review then I have watching your stuff in a while. I
don’t know if it’s a new thing you’re trying, or if you just genuinely love
these things to death – but watch what you did in this review, and
replicate it however you see fit in the future. It will bring you to higher
places in the industry.

XxXmAd_dOgXxX says:

Beats are better…….

just kidding

slk25724 says:

I like hip hop and classical and want something that will sound great and
last for years. These and a schiit stack is my budget limit. Would that be
a good combo? I am no audiophile so I doubt I could tell the difference
between good and great sound but I want the best quality I can get for my
budget. I would only use them for a few hours a day at most but would
expect them to last 15 years. Right now im using sony mdr cd10 and onboard
sound so anything would be a huge step up. Is there a cheaper option that
will suit my needs?

Kevin Chan says:

Linus or anyone reading this who knows, I was wondering if i could drive
these on my phone.

James R says:

listening through HD650s

Pier Sam says:

Sennheiser HD 8 DJ OR V-MODA Crossfade M-100 ?

RememberMeWell says:

i can get them for 270 euros. is this a good price??

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