SMS Audio Street By 50 DJ Pro Headphones HD-Video Review (

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The DJ Pro headphones are the top-of-the-line cans from SMS Audio with their over-the-ear design, 40mm drivers, fold-able hinges, and comfortable leather with memory foam earpads. Even though they are advertised and designed for DJ’s, we’ll take a deeper dive in our video and written reviews to let you know how they truly hold up under pressure in the link at the top of the description.


Markus Metellus says:

has anyone ever tried plunging wireless sms headphones into the mixer while

jake stinson says:

so ive had the sync wireless and street over ears. and how are these
compared to others. i play drums and do basic recording. and im looking
for something with lil extra bass. So would anyone think these are the
best? ive had all beats but pro hate em and liked soul by luda but meh

Atticus AV says:

How do these compare to the sms on ear for djing and sound quality

Joshua Neese says:

Are they loud on a phone

oz S says:

Nigga probably got paid by 50 , all that sugar coating he doin.

Ralph Morales says:

do the ear pads make your ears feel warm after wearing them for a while ?

Charles Bondzie Junior says:

Can these ever be broken because i recently got my wired street by 50
broken ???

Harry Rait says:

Hey. I have the HD 25’s… which ones would you recommend over these (HD
25’s), that are, just simply better?

marian oprea says:

Sorry I didn’t see my foult !! I jump little bit becouse I was interested
just how look on the head . Sorry again !

1bentley4ever says:

Nice headphones, but the Sennheiser HD25s are better all-rounders for DJs,
and are much more durable and modular.

DJbooth DJ's says:

LOL, no prob brother!

DJbooth DJ's says:

I recommend lots of headphones… check out all my headphone reviews on my
channel and on the djbooth website.

Donut says:

Please do or maybe a comparison video

john evangelista says:

how is the bass compared to the m100s?

DJbooth DJ's says:

Check out the V-Moda M-100’s…that’s one set

DJbooth DJ's says:

Thank you Sir!

Siyyan Johnson says:

great review bro… i have a pair and I love them.. way better then the

marian oprea says:

Just put that fucking headphone on your fucking head !!!!

DJbooth DJ's says:

Those are all really good. I like the Reloop RHP-20 and ATM-50’s the most
out of those. The Zinken and HDJ-1500 are also close too though.

Mitchel Mash says:

Kareem Julien + DigitalDjTips + Ellaskins = Best reviewers on Dj Equip

Donut says:

which headphones would you recommend?

Donut says:

Thanks Man

DJbooth DJ's says:

No, not yet, but I might.

marian oprea says:

Just put that fucking headphone on your fucking head !!!

DJbooth DJ's says:

I don’t disagree with you there… There are others that I reviewed that
are better than the Sennheisers too…

Donut says:

im from australia so theres not a huge variety im torn between the audio
techica Ath M-50, Pioneer HDJ 1500, reloop rph 20 or the urbanears zinken

Emily Malcolm says:

Great review 🙂 told everything we needed to know and didn’t talk about
rubbish haha…thanks man.

Donut says:

Have you done a review on the Audio Technica ATH M-50?

DJbooth DJ's says:

The bass is a bit heavier in these than the M-100’s. The sound is a bit
crispier in the M-100’s though…

DJbooth DJ's says:

I put them on my head at 3:08 and 4:03… what the fuck were you watching?!?

mateo castillo says:

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