Sony MDR-V55 DJ Style Headphones Review

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I review my Sony MDR-V55/BR DJ Style Headphones. These are a very nice quality pair of headphones coming from sony. The ear-cup movement is excellent on these, and the fit is nice and snug due to the tight headband. Sony conceders the MDR-V55 a DJ pair of cans, but I personally would rather use them for casual use, as the cable is somewhat short, and not detachable. The sound reproduction is fantastic on these, although they are a tiny bit bass heavy.

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reviewing the Sony MDR-V55 DJ Style Headphones Review
I review the Sony MDR-V55/br DJ Style Headphones Review


Larry Monge says:

Replacement Ear Pads Cushion For Sony mdr-v55 ???

rdb505 says:

3rd comment says:
UrAverageTechie says:

Yeah these are great headphone, and for the price they are amazing! Sony is
always solid, with its construction. Great Job Bro. 

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