The 5 Best Budget Headphones of all time! (2014-2015) HD

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4:Snike DJ-666
3:Denon Urban Ravers
2:Somic MH489
1:AKG Q701


DisCHORDDubstep says:

Guys, the ath-m50x’s are way overhyped. Have any of you ever heard an AKG
Q701? No? Then you all should shut the fuck up. I respect this guy. He
knows his shit. All of you are as bad as beats fanboys. Look at yourselves!
You all say ath-m50x’s are the best headphones ever, yet you fail to
realize that’s an opinion, and that none of you have even tried any of the
headphones on this list. I can say with confidence that I prefer all of
these to the m50x’s because I’ve tried all of them. Budget headphones are
headphones under 200$. The q701’s are usually around 190$. The m50’s are
bassy. The q701 are detailed and analytical. Get over it guys. Your m50x’s
are nowhere near being a god of headphones, nor are they the best for their
price. There is no best or worst headphone. There is opinion. Its your
opinion that these headphones are worse than yours… But you haven’t tried
any of these headphones on the list, so who’s gonna take you seriously?
Nobody. That’s who. Headphones are a world of subjectivity and opinion. Get
over it. Your m50’s aren’t very detailed. You may enjoy them, but don’t get
butthurt when someone tries to say that they don’t. Hell, you’d all be
better off talking to a real audiophile about it on

Scott Lewis says:

Fake beats 8/10 More like 1/10

It's Ventrium says:

I’m looking at the snike dj-666 and the somic mh489. He rates them
differently then there places on the list and I want to know which one have
the better sound quality. Help!

Jaivone Black says:

OMG it’s faze rain

mrdown909090 says:

“any Chinese retailers” XD

Caden Haverson says:

Because Audio Technica is low quality shit with overrated sound. 

Sgtween says:

Kid you know it is true

Perfect .Physique says:

I could never buy a fake pair of head phones plus I hate beats

Tegan Poo says:

You payed 200 dollars for them WTF you could of bought audio technica ath
m50’s or other way better headphones

Sgtween says:

He got his 5 only headphones and put it on this stupid list

Exist64 says:

It was hard not to hit the dislike button when i saw that shitty intro, but
after actually watching the content i just hit it and left leaving this

scooby DUI says:

The superlux HD-681 EVO are only 40 bucks and they are simple and nice I
would recommend it.

joe hampson says:

nah im pretty sure those first ones are just knock off beats

Scott M says:

I don’t like the heading for this video. Should be more like “Best budget
headphones of 2013-2014”
The rating system also seems off. Imagine if he uses a any of the real top
of the line headphones out there…he would be giving them like 100/10

James Davenport says:

These head phones suck learn to review 

nucanuca565 says:

Are the DJ-361s good? I’ve been searching for headphones that are low
budget but have not been in luck. I saw this video and saw that the DJ-361s
were the cheapest at 12$, and he said they had the fold ability, and I need
that. Please no hate as I am just asking a question!

Tsuzuki Asato says:

here is another dislike from me. shity video!

brandon sinclair says:

u sound so British i am from Britain and i don’t even sound that British xD

derpyninja says:

Cool video

Addy Lamb says:

lol using the urban ravers

TigreGB15 says:

Those headphones are bullshit 

Arek Jaworski says:

Good video except i think you should of narrowed the price gaps. So best
headphones from 10-50 then best headphones under £200. The Q701 are much
above an average reference headphone tho

Momox Estudios says:


Tegan Poo says:

Ur a joke

Nic Quill says:

Terrible title for this video, almost all of the headphones were shit.
Should of said top five headphones for the money…if you have a low
budget….and can’t wait to save money. 

Bighnesh Upadhyaya says:

some one gift hinm a sennheiser momentum . . . he will give it a 100 outta
10 . . . and he will give HD 800 an avogadro number outta 10 . . .:P

nhatduy inouele says:

with 200$ u can buy a good company head phone not a cheap fake chinese
headphone lol + who the fuck buy fake chinese head phone for 200$ or over
100$ ? 

Piero Ladhur says:

Its not 2015 and 2014 isn’t over lol

Jerdel Delsol says:

but, but, but, there all fake

amaan baig says:

What about sennhisers mm450x

quickscop43528 says:

Fucking terrible where are the audiotechnica

bobo9085 says:

Yo all of those were suckish if you want a good pair of headphones bye a
pair of bose qc15’s yes they are 300 dollars but their amazing

thirdmanvinyl says:

amazing sound for geeks by geeks!

candoslayer says:

you should rename to the best budjet headphone the best tend to be over
$300 for example the best i know of but will probaly never buy because of
cost is the sennheiser hd 800 i own the sennheiser hd 558 which i got on
sale for $160 and they are good enough for me

Tyler Ray says:

You were talking about how beats had some better things about it than some
headphones. But where is it mate?

rawanimo says:

The realistic nova series. (How do they stack up??

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