The Best Headphones Under $50: Superlux 681 & Superlux 668B

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mango091 says:

is it worth the extra money for the 668b’s?

Daniel Slinker says:

Would these be better than the Audio-Technica ATH-M30’s?

ElementalPride says:

Which are better, the 660B’s or Audio-Technica ATH-M20X?

(or is there something better than both for this price?)

Eddie Zuhric says:

Do they have microphones on them.

Cortana4201 says:

I’m sure alot of you already know this but the 681’s are pretty much just
knockoffs of the AKG K240 headphones.

itsJCGuti says:

your t-shirt is sickkk, where can I get one?!

tkuniverse339 says:

Are these headphones mobile and strong enough to survive in a backback or

TheSvenVids says:

I bought the 668Bs. Great sound, just not as loud as others I’ve tried.
Also the clamping force isn’t as good as I expected. I can’t headbang as
they just fall off.

Alex Berry says:

How the hell do you adjust those flappy headband things on the 668B? I
can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it on my pair.

Wyatt O'Shea says:

Could someone recommend the best headphones for $150-$185(AUD) (in need of
new ones had my current ones now for 5 years and they are starting to fall
apart a little) …So far I have found the Audio-Technica ATHM50 but not
sure about any other headphones that might be as good for the same price or

Afiq Zakwan says:

I watching this using hd 668b fab fab

Eyeluvweeed says:

Just so you all know, you can make these headphones sound much more amazing
with the addition of some of coconut-audio’s products. The crystals are
amazing and they changed my life.

Victor Rumenov says:

The 681 s are EPIC. :X 

JMM says:

Unrelated comment to this video:
What amp would you guys suggest for Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro’s? (250ohm)
I got a suggestion from a local audio store: Nuforce USB amp/dac.
Also, do amps even matter that much?

Thanks guys!

Niidea1986 says:

Don’t forget their evil brother, samson sr850 :D

MrJigssaw1989 says:

I just bought these and god my ears get hot when wearing them for longer
periods. Any tips how to prevent that ?

Afiq Zakwan says:

This vs corsair vengeance 1400 vs razer kraken , anyone got any xperience
or opinions about these product thnks in advance

Tek Syndicate says:

If you can find better sounding headphones for less than $50 I’ll drink a
bottle of hot sauce.

James Smyth says:

One thing I’ll add. Even though there are people modding the headphones
physically, you can achieve the same effect by tuning your sound cards EQ
and dropping the highs down a little, again, just a tiny little bit. That
is only if the boosted highs annoying you, they are pretty noticeable at
first, but after a while I got used to them on my 681s. There was some
people on headfi that said after applying the mod, they were near
indistinguishable to their AKG 701s, but of course, everyone’s ears are


Care to go deeper in depth with these headphones, after more testing and
burning them in? I’m rather interested in what these more budget headphones
have to offer for not only standard use, but in gaming as well.

Chupick Nicolas says:

Just buy the Superlux HD681 EVO for crying out loud! It’s a Superlux HD681
with a removable cord and smoother (more bearable) treble. The price is
50$. The treble on the Superlux hd681 will cause physical pain, so don’t
buy them for the love of everything holy!

intensitydigital says:

How do these compare to the Skullcandy HESH 2.0 ?

alex beatty says:

it look like my old akg 240 .

KarsonNow says:

Great video. I suggested you to test Superlux headphones in your last
headphones video and in glad to see that you are able to test not so
expensive products.
I use both of them for PC gaming with Zalmann Mic-1 micro.
I never used better “headset” before then this combo.

Ricky D says:

also i have an asus m5a97 realtek887 will my on board sound be ok for these

TheBloodPainter says:

my 668B s have just arrived, they are really good, it’s one of those golden
products that have the best quality/price ratio, really rare

TheMetaldudeX says:

681 or 668b or 681 Evo?

JDavies345 says:

i just bought the 668B, cause i wanted a nice headphones and some nice
gaming headset, i got a mod mic for it and i just use them for music,
movie, and gaming all at once

Keegan Maloney says:

yayy! poor peoples option! thank you!

one tip tho, when you are reviewing and comparing more than one product,
you could somehow have some visual cue as to which one your talking about
like a photo in the corner so that I dont have to sort out the model
numbers in my head as I go.

Israel Berrios says:

Some good headphones around the $100?!

Tymon Piórowski says:

681 are so amazing, bought year ago for 20 punds;)

Jeff Jones says:

I have a question for someone who might have experience with these. I’m
thinking about getting the Superlux 681 or Klipsch Image S4’s (dont care
about comfort too much) I would like to know how does the sound compare on
these sets cause im thinking about both and they’re around the same prise
on Amazon right now. Is the sound leak bad being semi op[en cause I plan to
use either set in school. All comments are appreciated

‬ TRSS says:

Sennheiser all the way :P

Tyler Graves says:

i have the surplux 668B because of this video and i fucking love them i
left the treble alone because i really like it

Frank B says:

What camera do you use for the videos? The lighting is bright and crisp..
Have you done a video on what you use? 

odobenus159 says:

I like treble too, I usually turn the treble up 10 Db but hopfully with
these I won’t have to.

Kyle Ross says:

Logan bought the 668B, loving the sound quality wish there was a little
more bass. But dear god they feel chap but I am comparing these to $200
range headphones. By far the best bang for the buck headphones I have ever
used. Little more bass would have made the sound quality absolutely
amazing. Build quality could be better but at $40 I am glad they spent that
on the speaker instead of the plastic, padding isn’t the best, it took me
little over an hour to constantly realize I had them on and feel the
pressure. If you want something under $100 just buy these without question,
they are so much better then my $80 Sennheiser ear buds, I really can’t
stress how amazing these are for under $100!!!. Over $100 I have to
question ath-m50 as a real contender.

Izzy Latham says:

Superlux 680 vs at m30x ?

Samuel Betancourt says:

Please make a review on the Superlux 681 EVO they’re suppose to fix the
treble i think and better looks.

alwi_fals says:

superlux HD 681B or Sennheiser PX-100? which one is the winner in sound

trigunnn2 says:

lol its nice 

CarbonFilms117 says:

I love headphone videos. 😀 

Leonardo Luque says:

As an audiop… person that loves bang for the buck audio stuff, I
currently have; a Superlux 681, a Samson SR850, which is a Samson branded
32 Ohm clone of the 668B, a Takstar HD 2000, and some fun Superlux /
Philips / JVC in-ear monitors. I think it’s worth mentioning the 681s have
much more sub-bass extension than 668Bs / SR850s.

I’d also recommend checking out the Takstar PRO 80 (closed) headphones, or
the Takstar HD 2000 for a cheaper alternative to the PRO 80s; although this
model has more of a “warm” or “musical” (less bright) sound signature, it
can be compared to the well regarded Creative Aurvana Live!.
There are also cheaper alternatives to the PRO 80s and HD 2000s because
Takstar, like Superlux, are OEMs for a lot of other brands. Examples;

Gemini DJ HSR-1000 = Takstar PRO 80

Technical Pro HPT990 = Takstar HI 2050

Stagg SHP-5000H, Invotone HD 2000, iDance Ibiza 10x (lol) = Takstar HD 2000


zorlagius says:

I`ve had 668B for about 2.5 years now and I could not be more pleased with
them. Sound is excellent and comfort in extended use is good as well. I did
replace the original pleather pads with AKG velour pads, which makes them
more comfortable to wear, but everything else is stock.

These headphones have been dropped on hard floor dozens of times with no
ill effect as well, so durability is also quite good in my experience.
Tremendous value for the money.

Mog says:

I got the 681 EVOs. They’re pretty good.

Hepglon says:

Is that Tribes of the East or Hammers of Fate in the background?

StandardsFtw says:

The 668Bs were my first pair of headphones something like 3 years ago. I
gave them away, but they were really great. They were comfortable despite
looking pretty cheap, and for the price still the best sound I’ve heard.
I’d recommend them to anyone on a budget, as they’re better than any Senns
the price. 

ThePianoBro1 says:

It’s only been four days since this was uploaded and the 669B’s are $57

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