Top 5 Best Headphones Under $200!

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Top 5 best headphones for your money.

5. Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One (0:46)
4. Grado SR80i (1:38)
3. V-Moda Crossfade LP (2:36)
2. Jaybird Bluebuds X (3:32)
1. Audio Technica ATH-M50 (5:40)

Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One:
Grado SR80i:
V-Moda Crossfade LP:
Jaybird Bluebuds X:
Audio Technica ATH-M50:

Klipsch S4i:
Sony XB500:
Denon AH-D1100:

Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One Review:
Grado SR80i Review:
Audio Technica ATH-M50 Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5



Bashfulfruit says:

Anyone know how good the American Audio ETR 1000r headphones are? most
reviews say they are good, and I’m on a budget of 100 bucks, but I dont
know if I should get them.

Abel Ton says:

Does amazon send products to The Netherlands?

Chief Keef says:

No Sennheisers…?

xilefx says:

they are not ‘stylish’ or ‘good looking’

andrewbz212 says:

I’m not getting any of those ugly headphones, beats are so much swaggier
than them.


MrJorgerocks says:

the ATH-M50 are really overrated lol

Shawn .Dakin says:

what do you think about the skullcandy crushers

ImBatnom says:

What about SOL Republic?

Raymond Torres says:

i want these but im scared theyre too big for running on the treadmill.
will they fall off?

Sam Bitter says:

What are the best headphones under 200 dollars now? (2014)

Tj Rivera says:

Can you make a video about the top 5 headphones under 100$? My dad is an
audiophile and his birthday is coming up but i’m short on bread

KeiAndEi Z says:

For gaming Razer Kraken ftw

Marques Brownlee says:

New MKBHD Video is live! You know there are other headphones besides the
iPhone earbuds, right? 😉

*Top 5 Headphones under $200!*

Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

Venceslau Antonio Domingos says:

What about the BOSE?

Andrew Kim says:

What headphones should I get? My budget is $500.

TheCrazygoodcuber says:

who thee hell gets a back to school laptop?

HighFructoseFun says:

I got my Audio Technica ATH-M50’s for $110 (including shipping) and I
couldn’t be happier with them :D

Joe Lowthian says:

can someone recommend some headphones for someone who listens to a lot of
rock and hardcore music? Seems most of the reviews I find are for
bass/hip-hop music

John Kormos says:

Excellent video!! You have some great recommendations and your means of
explaining each choice is spot on! You’re not hyping these headphones, just
informing us why you think each is a great pick. Good job!

John Doe says:

What can some knowledgeable people say about Turtle Beach headphones? I
recently got the low-end ones for the mic mostly.

TheMystProductions says:

I have lps. theyre so nice.

Preston JEnkins says:

You must have really wealthy parents 

bacon strips says:

sol republic vs ath-m50x GO!

John Tibbetts says:

Was not happy with my JayBirds…..Dont stay in very well

abattlescar says:

Really? No Turtle Beach headphones, those things are awesome.

Nathan Kelly says:

Lol @ 6:12

ToonyCraft says:

I’ve switched from ear buds to headphones, and I don’t think I’m ever
switching back. Headphones are so much more comfortable, and better audio!
I own a pair of Urbanears.

ANA1_P3N3TR4T0R says:

How are the sennheiser hd 558’s?

István Nyíri says:

Lol for this money you could buy a ps vita or a Nintendo 3ds XL

TheLegitGamingProject says:

I just ordered the v-moda crossfade lp and should I be excited the reason I
got them over m50s is because the detachable cable and the case because of

netaneld122 says:

Beats has much better bass sound in them than the Audio Technica m50.

AxsyPlays says:

What about Sol Republic

wtrdogg20 says:

Best headphones under USD 200.00?
Sony MDR-ZX300… They cost just USD 20.00 and have a great sound quality,
better than Beats…
I am Sennheiser user… So you can have an idea of my sound quality

WalThe McCow says:

Would some on recomend the logitech ue 6000?

Megalo Majik says:

Grado’s aren’t for everyone, they have squat for bass. I used to own a
pair of 325is, sold them for this reason.

Maclin Wiley says:

I’m happy with my skull candy crushers. Only 100 bucks 

Joshua Castrejon says:

I have a question, what is the difference between the Audio Technica ATHM50
and the Audio Technica ATHM50X. Is there a difference in sound quality? Is
it a different look?

Marios Marinos says:

i use scullcandy soundhesh

pramesh gurung says:

04:12 which mobile?

Kendrick Lau says:

ATH-IM50 & ATH-IM70 just listen to them…
They would blow your mind and amaze you in such price range

Tytal Wave says:

im not rich and who the hell buys a back to school laptop?

Day24Gaming says:

Can Someone Suggest me Headphones under $200 good for music and gaming?

Francis Bungag says:

Any good quality earphones suggestions? Not skull candy though

Daniel Tsarik says:

How about beats, all those headphones look like crap

natman2939 says:

I’m gonna mess around with some of the other tips and see if it makes a
difference but there’s a 90% chance I’m taking the blue jays back ASAP
I bought them Thursday finally pulled them out of the box tonight before
bed and ugh horrible they sound horrible!
They’re a 160$ and they sound worse than the 15$ Sonys I’ve been using
since my last pair broke
I’m honestly shocked cause your Review had me so excited but they have no
bass at all and the loudness factor is ridiculous
I’ll admit they’re extremely comfortable and wireless feels great but I
can’t get past how bad they sound
I stuck some of the things that come with them to help hold them in the ear
onto my monster turbines and that might’ve actually solved the problem of
them falling out all the time so maybe they’ll become my dailies
But man the difference in sound between the turbines and the blue jays is
night and day. I would expect 20$ earbuds to sound better than the blue
jays do
Very disappointed

And no offense but it makes me question the rest of your taste

Chris Lienaerts says:

haha haters gonna hate about beats

Gab Del says:

which headphones i should buy if i want good sound and bass and i will use
it at gym 

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