Unboxing The Allen Heath Xone XD 53 Professional DJ Headphones

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This is a unboxing of the Allen & Heath Zone XD 53
DJ Professional Headphones. These are claimed to
be the BEST DJ headphones out there. They also
claim to have the BIGGEST drivers but they really
aren’t the biggest out there. These headphones
have very nice mids and highs and great bass
response. Allen and Heath are known to have the
best DJ mixers and DJ equipment in the United
Kingdom. I researched a shitload of headphones
before purchasing these and let me tell you I’m
VERY happy with these headphones! There loud,
look sexy, EXTREMELY comfortable & Reasonably
priced. I hope this unboxing helps you guys out on purchasing these headphones, Enjoy ^_^

Here is my review in text: “These headphones are the BEST headphones I ever owned! They don’t isolate as much sound I thought they would but they are loud! You can hear a lot of ambient noises when the volume is half way and if it’s lower you can hear everything. The sound bleeds a little bit when it’s blasted to the max but that is expected.

I don’t know much about headphones but I owned at least 100 pair of headphones in my life I am 19 years old. Anyways These aren’t the BEST headphones in the world but they are at least in the top 10.

Lets start with the confront. I listen to music about 24/7 I always have headphones on. After about 2 and a half hours they start to hurt a little bit and get heavy. But most the experience with them on they are extremely conformable.

The sound quality on these headphones have a range of 5hz-33,000hz! Now if that means nothing to you then it means it has GREAT bass response from 5hz to about 20hz. The human can only hear as low as 16hz. Mids and highs get even crazier!

In normal average headphones the hz are pretty much carp. You can hear “ok” sound quality but with these you can hear pretty much EVERY single sound produced in the song I kid you not! I never had such a pair with this sound quality ever!

Now lets go to the build quality. These headphones are made out of a mixture of Hard plastic, metal, and vinyl cushioning. I find thee quality build pretty flipping good. The crushing around the phones aren’t the best foam/padding but it gets the job done. The top cushioning couldn’t get any better! Adjusting the headphones is pretty smooth they don’t stay in place as good as other DJ headphones but it stays if you don’t make sudden and fast movements.

Looks and style I’d say they look pretty fashionable. The combination of black and silver goes well. They even incorporate the logo and model name on each side of the phones. And have a blue square saying L for left and a red square saying R for right. These headphones will turn heads. They look really nice and the sound is even better!

All in all these headphones are 4 out of 5 stars. If you have the money and like to have unbelievable, incredible, crystal clear sound quality then these headphones are for you. They come with a 1 year warranty as well. My only complaints are that you cannot remove the cord, they don’t isolate as much sound as they claim, and I wish they had better foam/cushioning on the phones. Other than all that they are absolutely worth every penny!

-Mattie Gee”


• Excellent sound reproduction
• 53mm diameter drivers
• High power neodymium magnet design
• High SPL capacity
• Rotating earpieces for easy one-ear monitoring
• Adjustable metal-reinforced headband
• Folding design for compact portability
• Long listening comfort
• Carry pouch included
• OFC [Oxygen-free Copper] wire cables
• 3.5mm [1/8″] connector with 6.3mm [1/4″] jack adapter
• Type: Closed-back Dynamic (circumaural isolation design)
• Frequency Response: 5Hz – 33,000 Hz
• Maximum Input Power: 3,500 mW
• Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW at 1 kHz
• Impedance: 36 ohms
• Weight: 350 g
• Cable: 1.2 m (Coiled)/Max. 3.0 m (OFC)

Other headphone brand I mentioned:
Denon: http://www.usa.denon.com/ProductDetails/Headphones.asp

Actual headphone brand of this review:

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Henrique Gonzales Stella says:

i order mine 3 days ago on amazon to, im heard a lot about them they look
awesome! im really excited!

Henrique Gonzales Stella says:

yea! i still have them and they are just the best! the most durable
headphones that ive ever seen and used! sound quality… wow… u will get

darkitachi50 says:

@fontan11 Do you still have them? How are they holding up until now?

BrettTheBratly says:

I own them and they are a hell of alot better then the Pioneer 1000’s. Bag
they have for them is stinky but that is the only thing wrong with them.
They are going to detect any defect in your gear like clicks or pops.
Plastic parts on the headphones but because of the width of the phones I am
not scared of breaking them with my big freaking children of the corn head.

sebster369 says:

how much do they cost and are thay better than dr.dre! ?

Jay Kevin Composta says:

are they made in china or what? Im so undecided with the senheiser…..

Steven Franklin says:

ay man i aint getting any bass out of my headphones, do you get any?

kingkurosaki1 says:

@sebster369 they are about $180 at the moment and oh god (not from
experience but from reading roughly 100+ reviews) just about everything in
the 100+range is better some suggetions that ive heard are the AKG K240
studios- about $100 and the highly recomennded Audio Technica ATH M50s
which are about $160 but the Allen & Heath get rave reviews as well so i
would say if you have the money for some beats then go with these or the
ath m50’s you might want to research to see which you like better

kingkurosaki1 says:

@sebster369 and oh btw ive heard senheisers are amazing as well so you
might want to look into some of those also and also all those prices are
current amazon prices

Boban Popovic says:

worst unboxing video, keep on the bad work

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