Jungle Fever – DJ Ron & DJ Brockie / Full Set – BEST JUNGLE MIX EVER.

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https://www.facebook.com/pages/90s-Old-Skool-Jungle-Drum-and-Bass/192656284247665 For links to some of the rare tunes you might like.
This is the full version of the Jungle Fever sets with DJ Ron and Brockie at the Edge venue in Coventry played in December 11th 1993. This is a rare tape set that was hard to find back then and a timeless classic for all the reminiscing raving out there.

With pictures of the rave flayers of the event make up much of the video otherwise it would get a bit boring looking at one thing, I hope you enjoy this mix which made be get into drum and bass jungle music after Hardcore Rave had gone from the scene.

DJ Ron Track-listing:
Dj Ron African Chant
E-KUD-C-M aka MC Duke – On Dope
D.J. Ron & E.Q.P. – Crackman The Return
Family Of Intelligence – Bonus Beat
Fbd Project The Core Neil Trix
Dillinger ( Dillinja ) – Untitled – Test |2| E.P.
??? Just for You London Remix- not sure by who.
??? DJ Royal T & DJ XL – Turntable Overload- Remix
Of Hard Knocks-Kan U Feel It – (Just added)
Eze-G – Worlds Of Confusion
??? Has like a backward bass sample-
RONI SIZE & DJ DIE – Music Box
???? Not sure
Atlantis – LTJ Bukem
Last Crusaders – In Love
Frighty – The 12 Major Scientists [Kemet 1993] (just added)
Sleepwalker – Spirit (Bass Junkies Mix)
Digitech Untitled (Track B1)
DJ Dextrous – Charge

Tracklisting: DJ Brockie Set.

Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith – Charged [Suburban Base]
Top Star & Master Flexer – Armed & Dangerous PT 1 [Wicked Soundz]
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Roasted Rollin’ Mix) [Moving Shadow]
JMJ & Richie – Hall Of Mirrors (Omni Trio Mirror Image Mix) [Moving Shadow]
Hardware – Nightstalker [Face]
Hardware – Nightstalker (DJ SS remix) [Face]
Tom & Jerry – Side A2 [Tom & Jerry – SHELL007]
Q Project – Champion Sound [Legend]
Gappa G & Hyper Hypa – Information Centre (DJ Ron remix) [Ruff Kutt]
Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith – Bad Boy Tune [Suburban Base]
Roni Size & DJ Die – Music Box [Full Cycle]
D’Cruze – Watch Out [Suburban Base]
Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith – Chit Chat [King Of The Jungle]
Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith – Salute The Kings [King Of The Jungle]


studentdebts says:

Anyone know the track at 23:00 ‘To the future’ Just a few tracks missing
would be good to find them all, nearly found them after 20 years.

studentdebts says:

Anyone know the who the ‘Just 4 U London’ Remix is by?

studentdebts says:

Anyone has the DJ Ron set full track-listing please send a message or a
link here or to me thanks.

studentdebts says:

For links to some of the rare tunes you might like.

Moisha Gorbel- Fokoff says:


ken den says:

Lick up mix….music to sort my mind out …oh yes.

Herbie P says:

Hey found the tune ! 20+ years of searching – It starts at 52.00 Does
anyone know what it’s called ?

Herbie P says:

Hi, I’m looking for a very old Drum & Bass tune that sounds abit like LTJ
Bukem’s Horizon – Can anyone point me in the right direction ?

Adzee says:

This set will be 20 years in a month (11th December)

mick jones says:

Watch Movie: [English]Jungle Fever – DJ Ron & DJ Brockie / Full Set – BEST
Jungle Fever – DJ Ron & DJ Brockie / Full Set – BEST JUNGLE MIX EVER. on
MovieTube: http://www.movietube.co

eskidavies73 says:

i was there out my head loving it

Germz Infested says:

Climbing in thru windows, jumping over walls, just to hear the junglistic

liquidstyles says:

massive set1 thx for upload

MarilulaneMusic says:

finished night with aplomb!! lol i love the way english style meets dnb!!!!
you dont get this anywhere else!!!

bryanhtidbw says:

MjjtjjjjjMjmjtjtmjjgjtjjjt Jjjjjjjjtjjjjjjjj Jttjjjjjjjjj med

MrAvenged says:

anyone want this mp3? or does anyone have a decent quality mp3 then the one
i have?

studentdebts says:

Found the track its Sleepwalker – Spirit (Bass Junkies Mix).

gotmelk says:

bukem at 26:00 no kidding back in 93 that track is oooooooooooooold 🙂

studentdebts says:

Wow never knew that, love the drums on it. What about Just for You London
remix who is that by would you know the full tracklisting?

Rick Doofus says:

Nuff lads steamed in with CS gas – this Fever and the one at Stevenage were
the ones. Ron was always my favourite since TNT & Beat Freak. Kenny Ken was
the tightest mixer tho IMO

Barry John says:

Crack man on the line freaking out dont do that

Barry John says:

when r u going 2 put up some more sick sets brother

Derek Miltimore says:

I hate that I was only a year old when the best of the rave scene was
happening…. Now it’s absolute shit. I wish I could have seen massive
jungle sets like this. Now I’m lucky to hear some jungle at all…

Harry Johnson says:

Heavy mix, thanks for the upload brah.

studentdebts says:

Not after every tune just wants to preserve this stuff I know because one
day YouTube could fall into the hands of a rebellious government and ban it
all while all the big music shops close down like HMV.

dames pugs says:

keep up the good work bredrin lovin it……finest

dwarde78 says:

Tune after The Core is Dillinja on Waveform Records, ‘Test 2’

Denis Freeman says:

i was 1 year old

bigbear197708 says:

A.W.O.L d.j. hype plays a legedary set on that night, that jam is necessary

kris james says:

loved the roast sets but to much mc drowns the sweet sound rollin round

Mikey Dan says:

MC Moose

Barry John says:

Gq best mc u chat shit try hyper d rip and bassman

Sylviabomb smith says:

big up the ones like the DJ Ron, the kenny ken, and the randle

Mikey Dan says:

These sets were wicked, although I would say Brockie finished night of f
with aplomb, you had to be there to really feel the vibe,

bad901 says:

whats the tune at 33:00 called

studentdebts says:

Don’t really like GQs voice, Hyper D was good but too much and bassman not
my style. Quite like these mcs but each to their own.

Barry John says:

Who would u say best dj & mc

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