Martin Garrix – Live at Ultra Music Festival (Miami, United States) 29.03.2014

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Thank you Ultra Music Festival for a great WMC! Mainstage on Saturday was sick!!

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Martin Garrix says:

ULTRA was insane!!!

Martin Garrix says:

My new track with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike is out now!!

CleverDjembe says:

Someone should kill this repetitive motherfucking clown. Shit music. Fuck
you. There are 100x more deserving artists. Too bad the gen pop is fucking
dumb and listens to this.

Steffi AUT says:

Is there actually any age limit?! ’cause all I can see are underaged

David Jones says:

to many songs sound the same

evan alanes says:

50:45 song pls :c

Din Azuly says:

+Martin Garrix name song 39:45???

Edgar Prieto says:

que cancion o que tema es en el minuto 11:44

Fire Strife says:

what was the first song called?

Spuddy - Web Design says:

What is that animals remix?

gabriele balzarotti says:

19:45 which remix or mashup is of Stay The Night?

christofer L.G says:

fui el unico que se dio cuenta que a una chica le agarraron los pechos xD 

RoMG says:

song 1:05??

Fabi B. says:

22:03 (.)(.) – Button

Global Rockstars Community says:

Here’s to the *Global Rockstars Community*

*Ready to make some noise!*

Martin Garrix – Live at Ultra Music Festival (Miami, United States)

Elliott Gamer says:

what’s the first song?

Matheus Eduardo says:

Music 32:40 ?

Atro Pine says:

Dear Garrix,

Why don’t you explain to this kind people how you do not really mix live on
stage ?
I am sure they will understand that it is all a show and you are just
jumping up and down on stage for some shit load of money.

RoJoFilipino says:

drop at 45:57 insane

mehmet bakırtaş says:

Berbat ötesi çalmış müzikleri

TheJarett13 says:

Song name at 33:12? Plz

pazzodarkmagico says:

14:40 ?

João Vitor Paiva says:

Name song 50:30 

Oscar Cumpa says:

Name of song at 23:41? ….and no, do not come with some “Darude –
Sandstorm” answer right over -.-

Savannah Boyd says:

49:00 song?

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