ARIA DJ, Karaoke and video mixing software promo

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This is an introductory promotional video for ARIA the all in one Karaoke, DJ and Video mixing entertainment software. ARIA is also available as a Karaoke only app for iPhones and Android Phones. For more info please visit:


Vangy Economou says:

can add real time effect on mic while singing and record it?

jarvis1911 says:

Does Aria have a separate screen for the second monitor for karaoke? How do
you send the lyrics to the second monitor?

ikaraoke1 says:

I am intrested if it manages your karaoke show….like hoster,….does
anyone know?

jordimax65 says:

I have it on my iphone! I LOVE IT !!!

djmuffin2003 says:

can you record your video mixing sessions?

gilzean9 says:

I just got it…….its as good as it looks, really simple to use, hooked
it to my TV and Docking station, it looked really clubby, still
experimenting with all the features

pantalon96 says:


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