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Make Remix of Songs,,Create Ringtones and record your own Karaoke just 4 free.
for more tutorial request contact me:


Kaos la leggenda says:

i guess you are a bit retard

xXx_Bamstertwo_xXx says:

Salman should make a tutorial on how to use this DJ software 

Salman Aslam says:

@thingthingisalive It’s Depend on you!

zaping420 says:

you should not get it if you are try to build a career of being a dj

Salman Aslam says:

@xXRoryPenguinXx My Pleasure

Salman Aslam says:

@GERSPLUSH it hasn’t harmed ma not sure abut urs 1! 😛

MrKingadry says:

Best free DJ Software? i think that no because you must pay to have the pro
version if you crack it is anotherr thing but in my opinion the best dj
software is traktor or serato in their pro versions i recomend this

Blond hair girl says:

with what programm you record videos,>

Bachanator16 says:

yeah but your the uploader you lie lol jk

TheJPJT1234 says:

its time to start a RAVE!!!

Lag Junkie™ says:

@xba222 didn’t your mother teach you if you have nothing good to say don’t
say it at all?

Lag Junkie™ says:

@xba222 i asked a simple question. is that ok?

theguyinthefunnyhat says:

Mixx is better!!! Its 100% free and opensource.

Blond hair girl says:

sub&like 4 sub&like.?

callum crean says:

i used it and to be honest i prefer using mixx this is still go though

EverEver109 says:

this seems awesome im going to try it out thanks alot 🙂

pastaguy76 says:


David Lawrence says:


ZAK GING says:

it take me 51 mins to get this install 🙁 lol

iLolForSubs says:

Thank you, I had this, but i had to reset my laptop, and i forgot the name
of it, lol Subed!

Macky Maws says:


FootballHD20 says:

It is a limit on the songs to 30 seconds….

Allysah Rodriguez says:

how do i add more than 2 songs ?

Cbto GamerMC says:

😮 This was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks 😀

ZombieBot34 says:

i use Mixxx and a Numark turntable

pmc911 man says:

I wanna get it but scare of virus

TacticalMuffin says:

Try Mixxx it’s is FULLY free.

Lance Gragasin says:

i like the name of your recycle bin 🙂

Salman Aslam says:

@SuperAsdfghjkla OMG!!!! UR HMMMMMM IS SO LONG> Just Liked it….

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