CDJ-2000 – Laidback Luke presents RekordBox dj software

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Chris Spiteri says:

Currently using Recordbox 3.0 and loving It , thanks for the old tutorial
Laidback , it’s old but to the point 

Distortion Lover says:

Annotation on the WHOLE screen?
Douchebaggy move @DJSounds

Vinícius Futagami says:

192Kbps? crap!

SoldadodelArco says:

@fofplwo yep even my senior teachers also hide about this killer music
composer software from me. Listen i heard that this is the best software
used by dj pro’s for their club mixes. i managed to download from here –>

Mike Diligent says:

u really need to learn to dj without beat synk softwares lol

MultiPlanetEclipse says:

PLEASE HELP! I’ve tried everything! But it does not work :/ I’ve put all
the CUE points, I have pressed memorize, but when I insert my usb in the
2000 player, so are there are no cue points .. What should i do?? Please

rclawrence1987 says:

this set up will be mine…. oh yes…. it wil be min

djbulletron says:

djm 2000, cdj 2000, rmx 1000, dude i admire you stay with one company (even
if they pay you for advertising for them)

Hillsdale says:

Can you use the CDJ-2000 with a mixer such as the Traktor S4?

unicorns.R.real says:

All this new technology allows for greater creative expression and new,
interesting types of mixes. I think it’s amazing. When it comes down to it,
it’s all about making people dance. 90% of your crowd could care less about
your “skill” as a DJ. They’re drinking, dancing, and socializing with their
friends. The other 10% are either producers or other DJ’s being critical.
It’s funny. The ones who usually brag about their “skills” and knocking on
others aren’t getting paid use them 😉

Fianoglash says:

Yeah…whatever. For a fraction of the price of that set I got an NS6 by
Numark which is a 4 track controller, Serato Itch which is the shit once
it’s correctly setup, Ableton Live and a Launchepad. Since all of that is
linked I can Dj on 4 decks and drop homemade Beats and Synths from Ableton
whenever I fill like it. And really, when you think about it, are CDJ’ 2000
really worth 1.5 grand a piece ? I mean come on. They are good but there is
nothing that justifies paying this much for it.

breon johnson says:

question??? is this software mainly for use with controllers or can you set
everything up in rekordbox and then transfer it over to virtural dj or

Plamen2007 says:

Haha, hilarious. Personally, I find it easier to to browse straight off of
the player and why bring a why bring a whole computer to a gig when you can
just bring a single USB/SD card. Also, I wouldn’t want to bring my laptop
to a club where someone could spill a drink on it or something.

ProgressionFilms says:

I don’t understand why djs are using cd players still. Mp3 is so much
easier and less frustrating to find the songs you want.

djlowtek says:

@BasR95 I notice house and hardstyle dj’s loop a lot. I spin drum and bass,
and I never loop. A lot of the newschool “controller” “dj’s” use a ton of
cues and loops too.

888888HiPeople888888 says:

i have no idea what you are talking about

fealmor says:

love this guy

Cristhiam huaman berrocal says:

alguien lo quiere subtitular?? no entiendo el ingles….. Someone can
captioning?? I do not understand the English….

breon johnson says:

care to teach??

Dennis Vlaanderen says:

@Dayiustu8 S4 is only released in 2011 first CDJ’s apeared in 2005 there’s
a huge gap in technology. Still I’d use the CDJ’s and an old fashioned
digital processing mixer, purely ebcause I don’t use all of the loop
recordings fancy smancy on the S4’s.

ludcombe says:

What’s the name of the song and artist?

modelmanagerdude says:

I dj as well there is nothing like dragging around crates of records and
Iuse cd djms also but I do live sets alternating with vinyl turntables and
sometimes all 4 going at the same time pc dee jaying is ok but not for me
,I have to be like a musical orchestra conductor my effects, I record in my
studio on reel to reel and make my own vinyl Lps of my mixes and have them
pressed thats real dee jaying for me, but I admire everyones different

skaten007 says:

thats whats up!.. what company do you use to make the actual vinyl? or do u
do that yourself?

alocaurd says:

@psyminder sweet counterpoint. very informative. I’ve used both, so do
tell, what is it i don’t understand?

hermantheboshkangaar says:

why do people buy this? you can get SOOOO much more for the same amount of

iCharlieF0xtr0t says:

Lol so basically your telling me you’d rather just hit play and call
yourself a dj.

alocaurd says:

@psyminder are you calling beatmatching creative? because that is the only
thing it offers to do for you, and you can choose to do that yourself. it
does everything CDJs do plus more, at a fraction of the price, so how cant
you be more creative, or for that matter, how could you be less creative?

Bastion Thrice says:

@jlcool007 can u also put your cues and loops in the memory so when you
come back to the song you can see the previous cues you made on the song in

willbarine says:

So true hahaha

Markis Stack says:

this is nothing like an s4.

AMERO Caleb says:

hey dude, I would personally recommend getting the CDJ 350s with The DJM
350. Perfect beginner hardware & good for learning beatmatching, using
effects & you can record your progress. hope that helped!

Richard Zastenker says:

False. The S4 was released way later than the Cdj2000… Get your facts
straight before you write something stupid.

ludcombe says:

What’s the name of the song and artist?

GT6090 says:

tusk tusk…192kbps track? I thought you were a professional DJ? You should
know better.

Fidel Hernandez says:

of course you dont see me rocking cause the parties you are used to go are
shit, just like you are, as soon as you go to a real party you will know
something about my music. Fuck you

CubeRepublic says:

easier? Wow lol, some people must have really hard lives…”had a bad day
yesterday, had to plug in a cable”

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