DDJ-WeGO works with Algoriddim’s djay software for Mac

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Pioneer’s Digital DJ WeGO DJ controller can now be used to control Algoriddim’s djay software for Mac. Designed for home DJs, the Pioneer Digital DJ WeGO is a compact portable DJ controller that is easy to set up and use anywhere.

The WeGO is available in five different body colors to suit your preference and features a multicolored LED for customization of JOG light colors, which enables individualistic DJ performances by combining various lights and effects. The compact size and portability of the controller make it ideal for home DJs who want to enjoy DJ on the go.

WeGO users can download and use Algoriddim’s djay LE free of charge from Algoriddim’s website.

More information visit, http://www.pioneerdj.com

Tracks used,
Name: Gist (Original Mix)
Artist: Grosstone
Label: Alive Recordings

Name: I Got What You Need (Shadow Child Freakmix)
Artist: S.K.A.M.
Label: Alive Recordings


Irvin Matute says:

Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-WeGO2-W DJ Controller
Help do with work on a windows 7 laptop thanks 

Ben Rosenbach says:

Just got my WeGO! Is there detailed documentation anywhere regarding how
things map to Djay? It looks like everything in the manual only talks about
Virtual DJ.

spongestar squidpants says:

Hi pioneer:). Can I create a custom mapping with djay2 with this?

ahmed sheeref says:

In egypt 2500

Rob Frost says:

thats me

Nikemau5 says:

How much do these cost???

MightY Clan says:

does it work with djay 2?

Deejäy Fiësto says:

I like this controller but … there are two points in the pattern that
should be improve … 1st .. the headphone on the side would be better
placed in front and 2nd the usb connector be placed to back 😛 

Anthony Yupanqui says:

DDJ-WeGO works with Algoriddim’s djay software for Mac

Luca Pedretti says:
Synthetrix says:

The mix pulse LED feature does not work with Djay unfortunately.

yumyumrazon says:

When can we expect this unit to be compatible with any SERATO software?

Synthetrix says:

The WeGO currently supports out-of-the-box software mapping to controller
with Virtual DJ, Traktor, Serato DJ, & Djay which is a Mac only program. It
can be operated as a universal MIDI controller. See your DJ software’s
operating instructions. You may have to create your own mapping to use all
the functions to their fullest.

Ryan Hughes says:

just bought one today to find out you cant cue with out external speakers.
i just wanted to mix on my comp but cant untill i buy new speakers 🙁

Robin Wass says:

not everyone who wants to have a laugh mixing with their mates can afford
cdj3000s mate

Ali A. Blaibleh says:

i bought ddj wego :))

g0tikaradia says:

dond la consigo kuanto kuesta yo la kiero

Daniel Gaudette says:

Hello, does the WEGO mk1/djc-wecai cable work with an iphone 5/ios 7 and
djay 2?

Richard Belnss says:

for my MacBook!

NagaoJumper says:

i just saw the webpage, it says it supports both. mac/windows

Tomo Knez says:

Yeah..with small display + it’s own power, it would be perfect due to size
and price…shame it didn’t do just that! I would bought it instantly..I
mean why do You advertising with size bonus etc. What if i come with only
that,and computer in a club (or wherever), doesn’t have instaled soft? What
then my dear Pioneer. Buuu..i’m mad and sad as i mentaly already bought it!
I even had ,ok-go, from my,girlfriend (which is hardest bit due to my
x.size of equipment),or as she says ,never ever enough,.

Andrew D says:

wego sucks. ERGO is completelly better and not too expensive. So it’s
better to save money a little bit longer and buy really great controller

ReboyGTR says:

The only thing i noticed in the video is that the clock is on the wrong arm.

iIvaNh says:

name track please?

DEE-JAY N-T-M says:

damn i wich to have one like it

Equalibrum says:

What kind of music is this? I was about to go over the top and then it just

kljyuggtrdv says:

1:05 haha chek hes/her pink wtf

TidyBeats says:


Nick Miller says:

If it has a good Traktor mapping then this could be a handy thing to have-
throw it in the dj bag along with the x1 for a spare/house party controller

Rafael Garcia Loor says:


Fastsexyboy says:

What is the track?

Prashant Reddy says:

I accidentally broke de software cd(virtual dj le) can u please help me to
get software

Mateus dias says:

There djay computer?

Bas Wongprachan says:

so look so much better on the mac D:

BENandMATTHEW1 says:

This made me wanna buy a deck at start to learn how to dj and i will dw soo
ty <3

Norvis Garcia says:

Thats not djing[[[ I LOVE 1200’S TURNTABLES ]]]]] THATS NOT A DJ

The60Apples says:

does the algorridm only work with ipad and mac? can I use the alggoridm on
my ipod for the wego?

Elmo Blatch says:

Does it support Algoriddim Djay for Iphone?

Pioneer DJ says:

Please can you clarity what you mean, sorry we do not understand,
alternatively you can visit the pionner dj dot com slash support for
technical help. Thank you

lahi000productions says:


HironXgames says:


mrben602ify says:

can you scratch on it. what’s the cross fader like???

ElEcTr0NaKOv says:

how much is this

Mikee Holl Martz says:

GREAT!!! Now i can buy me one. Was waiting for this controller to work with
DJay. Thanks Pioneer!!! 🙂

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