Denon DN-MC6000 DJ Controller Review Traktor, Virtual DJ, DJ Software, Mixer, Denon, MC6000, SC3900

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I review the Denon DN-MC6000 DJ Controller’s features and functions. A rock solid controller.


Michael DeLouise says:

Do you have a link to that case?

Coltrane09 says:

Nice idea about the booth option for the kids and parents. Great video
giving folks a realistic approach to how you’ve used the controller.

Brian Berry says:

Great review,thanks

david hughes says:

hi there.good thinking of going digital.does the software or
controller freeze often??would this be suitable for a small club??is the
headphone output loud?and wud it be a good enough stand alone mixer???

ezski says:

@SuperSpeedy1984, No, never freezes, hasn’t one time in the year I’ve had
it.. Super stable. Sure, I’ve used it in small clubs and it’s fine.. The
mixer is absolutely great in stand alone ode as well. You won’t be sorry.
It’s a rock solid professional mixer, controller, and submixer with a nice
mic section and even more.

juantobiasDJ says:

was it easy to intall it with traktor 2

adamo SATO says:


DubleO Beats says:

Wow! Expensive controllers.

djmattwilson says:

When buying products you expect to keep for a long time, buy the best you
can afford.

traknologist says:

Thanks that was a great review!

ezski says:

Thanks.. Those are pull out lights on a furman power conditioner that is
also mounted in the case rack.

egulley11 says:

Although i do love the review. you should not be biased about showing ALL
the controls especially with Virtual DJ. As a former karaoke KJ, It is
imparitive that all controls are shown. With the fact that Virtual DJ 8
isn’t that far off. This mixer is going to be SUPERB with VDJ 8. JMO!

Trevor Bergman says:

Have you upgraded to the latest version of Traktor? Where do you get your
mappings? From Denon? Have they kept up with Traktor updates and/or
provided ongoing updates for improvements?

Emmanuel Koku says:

Ezski: Nice set up – what kind of case are you using (please let me know
the model number) … and do you have the CDJs on the side? cheers – E

Ridgeleyy says:

Would you prefer the MC3000 or the MC6000 for a beginner looking for a
controller to use for years?

Danni Andersen says:

One more thing, how you connect amplifiers, power cord and cables to your
denon through your odyssey suitcase 🙂

Bailey Brewer says:

Thank you very much for this review pal, it was insanely helpful the way
you explained everything.

DJ S Lovretin says:

hi i have watched your video next to you mic recevier what is that little
blue device with the white nobs. is it a little fedback deystroyer and if
so how do you hvae it set up?

Omilin9 says:

Nice review

dennis ford says:

Can you do a simple tricks/tips video using denon6000/traktor??

Luis Juares says:

Sucks didnt help

Matthew Wilson says:

I’ve been using Serato Scratch Live! for almost 5 years, it has never
crashed once.

fred za says:

helllo nice video my friend djkaliventura..i have the dn mc6000 too
running on VDJ but traktor looks pretty good ..had traktor before on other
equipment not on the mc6000 ..will u be so kind an tell my the goods and
bads on the traktor software base on ur on experiences..thakns

JamBandSoy says:

what flight case are you using?

dagoberto moya says:

Nice review I am in the middle of changing my cotroller to this baby tks

ezski says:

odyssey frgs802.

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