DJ Divine: “Which DJ Software Should I Choose?” Q&A

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Hey everyone. This is a commonly asked question in the DJ world. I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking me the same question so i decided to make a video to answer all the questions. I hope it helps.



djsixbeats says:

traktor FTW!!!!!

best dj software says:


leadersonpills says:

How do you learn by ear before you get into software?

Smarttyy says:

@DubisDub1 skrillex almost solely uses ableton live, and deadmau5 uses a
big variety, mostly ableton live, but also uses reason, cubase and fruity
loops; almost no producer uses one piece of software, simply because no one
piece of software can do everything one wants

Noah VanBlarcom says:

Is sarato itch good for starters?


@Pieisgood2me haha , i use sony XD

Nagus El says:

is fl studio or serato scratch live any good?

Joey Wedzinga says:

Sure Cus I am a dj to And i use that for like 2 years Sooo….. TAKE IT 😀

lilsmiley02 says:

hey bro how do connect ur mix 2 ur laptop 2 control wats on ur laptop?

Robstaxx says:

@K9S0CCeRWiZ20 FL isnt for djing, it’s for producing

Tito DJ says:

dats wat happens with piracy

Thomas Carter says:

Native Instruments is beast

K9S0CCeRWiZ20 says:

I use fl studio 9, its pretty good but i still have alot to learn..i wanna
become a dj, but ive only been using it for about three weeks, which
program is your favorite. Also is fl studio 9 the ideal dj software for
club djs? Please message back or reply.

Inflex Official says:

Traktor Pro

tackelboy56 says:

what kind of speakers are those

princeadejr says:

serato is cool bit the shitt is exspensive. i would recommend traktor
scratch if you dont have the money for serato but thats as cheap as it gets
unless u wanna use the maya44 usb soundcard and u use that 4 VDJ and that
is crap

Angelo M. says:

are those v-moda’s i spy? :D. I rock the crossfades lps

psypax says:

what was the name of the software you use? cant understand it.

Tony S says:

Good Advise Man WERD Nuff Said XD Hey Man Feel Free to Check Out My
Videos/MiXxs Earned Yourself A Sub. ;)* Keep Up the Good Work Man!!!..
Peace Man, Practice And Enjoy Dj-Supra

deathmechanism89 says:

If you do want total control of loops, scratching, and sampling, use
Traktor, its amazing with almost any mixer or beatpad

corcaighrebel71 says:

Found a really nice DJ software, Free aswell, Here is the video:

Micaiah Young says:


aaron lee says:

i use virtual dj le lite

ap6699 says:

@DubisDub1 i’m pretty sure deadmau5 uses ableton live

Tyler Groenheim says:

what program did he say he was using? sound scratch live?


Serato Scratch Live

DeanCadillac14 says:

@Pieisgood2me Well some of us cant dish out 1200 haha

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