DJ Mixer Pro App Review

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– Auto mixing. Play an automatic smooth mix of your music. Upcoming tracks in your playlist are faded in as outgoing tracks are faded out. Auto mix beat matches your tracks for you.

– Interactive mixing. Use the high-quality 2 channel mixer to easily mix any 2 tracks in your playlist without a dedicated music mixer hardware.

– Scratch, rewind or speed up the record on the virtual turntable!

– Beat matching. Beat match your tracks without altering the pitch to create great sounding mixes.

– Sync your music. Sync the beats and the bars of your tracks with one touch for a great sounding mix.

– Pitch control. Control the playback pitch without changing the playback rate.

– Wide audio format support. Supports MP3, AAC Wave, Aiff, OGG, WMA, ASF, ALAC and MP4 audio files.

– Sound effects. Play vinyl record rewinds, spin-backs, drum rolls, sirens, horns and spoken word sounds over your tracks to spice up your mix.

– Mix effects. Use the built-in mix sound effects to perform beautiful mixes of your tracks.

– Music visual display. Automatic generation and display of the volume levels of your tracks in different song sections assist you in finding the best time to mix.

– High Performance. Includes highly accurate and low-latency real-time audio mixing technology.

– Automatic BPM and track beats detection and display.

– Beat-matched loops and seeks.

– Per track volume control and kill.

– Easy to use. Designed by DJs for the inner DJ in you, the interface is easy and fun to use so you can focus on the fun part of social music playback.

– Headphone monitoring (requires a second iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch and WiFi connection) – In App Purchase

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H.Cruzz10 says:

My nigga tyreakk

TheSportsfreak991 says:

Ok for all you people, you go on itunes with your ipod connected, you go to
apps on the ipod info and go to file share

AMT99100 says:

This app is terrible

freestylesback says:

The best app is DJay

martinmalin75 says:

try “Edjing DJ Turntable” for your iphone or ipod. This is the best app and
she’s free. Enjoy

Micheal Townly says:

Can this play podcasts

AMT99100 says:

Not awesome doesn’t work

RJ Allen says:

@dskrepplightshow Click on the home button icon in the bottom left corner
and then click the playlist tab finnaly click the + button to make a new

Jon LaRock says:

Yeah its not a CD its called a RECORD!!

RJ Allen says:

The way you do it is called file sharing search for it on the apple website

checkout212 says:

Dis duh free edition ya know ya erd meh

RJ Allen says:

@dskrepplightshow look at the comment below this one

alexander elton says:

great app

Ya Mum says:

Dog shit

slicknickforreal says:

How Do You View The Recordings, Plzz Respond Bro!!

luoana097 says:


Nic Neptune says:

How do I view my recordings?

RJ Allen says:

@TheBlooigloo connect your ipod to itunes and then look forshared music it
should be in that folder

lxxxxNOOBxxxxl says:

Can you beat match?

acelota1 says:

dj mixer pro my ass

Robledo Amazin says:

mines says i have to have another newer version , but i just updated and
there is no 4.4.0 version or something like that ?

Daniel10663 says:

just try dj david guetta it only 5 or free if u get it from installous

sabensalas14 says:


adrian mora says:

how you listen the music that you mix?

FlowerJutsu says:

can you stream to shoutcast with it

seandizzy says:

WTF mine keeps saying update it when online then I get online and it says
something about 8 bucks

True Story says:

Touch screen mixers suck. knobs will never be as accurate with touch screen
and the feel of actually turning a real knob beats touch screen

dskrepplightshow says:

How do you make a playlist for dj mixer pro

RJ Allen says:

@seandizzy with this app you can only play 4 of your own songs to add more
it will cost money

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