DJ With Spotify: Pacemaker App Hands-On Review

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Ean Golden takes a first look at the Pacemaker DJ app with Spotify integration on iPad. Read more here:


AussieSlayer says:
Taffi Louis says:

I’ve never been happy NOT to have Spotify available in Canada before. It’s
one thing that this app reduces DJ’ing to an “anyone can do it” toy, but if
its main selling point is to be able to play “music you don’t know and you
don’t own”…. Just… *FACEPALM*. Have fun when SOCAN finds out.

Pedro Gonzalez says:

Native Instruments should hit up Beatport and try to hash out the same
deal. And Serato will not be far behind with its partnership with Beats

DJ TechTools says:

Ean’s first look at the new Pacemaker DJ app with Spotify integration –
watch now:


Please tell me that you can at least beatmatch by yourself, if it’s sync
only, then it is a piece of shit, like most DJ’s nowadays who live by the
sync button.

Kaika Base says:

Android is the next market as always. Should incorporate google play music
with pacemaker instead of spotify.

Sediles Astaroth says:

how is that you export your mixes?

krapfantasy says:

So does this connect to a user’s offline playlists? that would ease the
whole “lol what happens if the dj loses internet connection lol” thing

Sebastian K says:
igel78 says:

Does it work with my DDJ Wego2?

DJ Kento says:

I have my original Pacemaker device… before the app. I love hooking it up
to a wireless pack and DJing from the dance floor. 

Anton Sherar says:

Cool app but first we go from vinyl to cd. Then we go from cd to mp3. Now
we go from mp3 to streaming.

Imagine a DJ standing with an iPad streaming from Spotify.


Hi Common says:

+DJ TechTools can you guys name the track that plays in the background of
the start of the video? Thanks.

Scott Hemmons says:
traktorpro10 says:

Does it work in offline mode?

Stevan Djumic says:

MIDIfighter Unooooo!

östen petersson says:

@dj kento : me too 🙂

Esayan Oleg says:

Anyone knows some cool music software on Android?

my4trackmachine says:

Ean has some clean teeth. random. for some reason i couldnt help but notice

katannamon says:

outro song?

bman says:

can you use this with a dj splitter cable?

Otto Peltomaa says:

This could be very nice if Traktor or Serato had Spotify integration. Only
thing that I see as a problem is that in some countries it’s illegal to use
Spotify to DJ. You have to own a legal copy of a track. Also the sound
quality will be a problem when djing in larger venues. Maybe in couple
years there will be a Spotify for DJ’s with wav files and Traktor and
Serato plugin.

Paul Lopes says:

Ean’s first look at the new Pacemaker DJ app with Spotify integration –
watch now:

traktorpro10 says:

Other apps have tried but always gets taken down, how did this one pass
copyright issues?, also any controller/hardware support besides the ipad?

RE:Think says:

for serato….someday…..I can only hope….

labelm8 says:

This is awesome! Spotify power users & DJs should check out LabelM8 for
better record label searching –>

ArmorKingEmir says:

any dumbass can be a dj now. fuk that

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