Flow DJ Software – How to prepare for a perfect DJ set (Official Tutorial)

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Get our DJ Software from http://FlowDJSoftware.com. This video shows how to use the Preparation screen inside Flow DJ Software to analyze your music and prepare for perfect DJ mixing


Thomas Cardin says:

I’m trying to import a playlist from iTunes, but nothing happens, except
for creating an empty playlist in flow. No files are added.
Adding and analyzing works, however, when I add tham manually (not from

Marc Sprecher says:

This is a huge compliment to the Mixed in Key customer care.

After writing my last note I got contacted immediately in order to specify
the issue. Further more I got offered a refund that was send 24h later to
my account.

This is simply the best treatement a customer can think of.

Zack Fisher says:

I’m having a problem with being able to analyze my music because the
program is not recognizing I am connected to the internet. Any Ideas on a

Andrea Negri says:

How to modify the downbeat?

Mixed In Key says:

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