Flow DJ Software – Official video from Mixed In Key

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Link for the software: http://FlowDJSoftware.com Use Flow DJ software for professional DJ mixing. See the process of importing your music, playing and remixing live, and exporting your DJ sets. Learn how to DJ with Flow.


Mixed In Key says:

New tutorial posted: in-depth look at the “Preparation” screen: Official
tutorial: “Flow DJ Software” Preparation screen – get your music ready for

Orri X says:

will it always be free update on Flow ?

Dhruva K says:

i noticed that on flow, i can’t copy a section of an early part of the
track and paste it onto the end of the track. Will this be available in an
upcoming update?

uuk frags says:

it would be cool if you could use that “Dynamic Playlist” feature as a
pluggin / addon in another DJ software

Darkcrusader says:

what happened to this being on steam?

Vernon Douglas says:

can you use CDJ2000s in HID mode with Flow?

TheSwanMusic says:

It’d be cool if there were some more advanced features and some jog wheels

Joey Sutton says:

That’s a amazing job on this video. Here is a piece of advice to all
aspiring audio producers: I am a music producer. After losing countless
hours with problematic software I finally found the best software for beat
creation for 2014. I posted a link to this program on my channel. go check
it out.

Hoang Huy says:
Star Lord says:

Ive been using flow since the betatesting, and some things are great while
others really need work. as of now im on CDJ 2000 and Rekordbox, and so are
also the big guns in the business.

Flow are for beginners, that dont know much about djn!

sirkazm says:

How does this software affect metadata in my existing files?? I hope it
DOES NOT erase it and replace it with its own. And…why FORCE online
analysis of files and not locally/offline??

Connor Chung says:

As awesome as this Looks, I think I’ll stick to serato because, there seems
to still be a lot of features missing. 


What is the track analysis mode on Flow is it normal or dynamic? The only
reason i’m asking is because i play live set music. There is no way my
music is going to be perfectly beatgrid. But i can see that Flow doesn’t
allow the user to manually adjust the tempo. i was wondering what is the
game plan for a DJ like me ? 

Emil Dabrowski says:

This looks really neat but it seems like it lacks some features at this
early stage. Looking forward to the coming updates.

oraqus0i says:

Great tool, already a proud user of Mixed In Key 😀 but can use it with my
Pioneer DDJ-SX ?

globaldjnetwork says:

Win One Of 5 Full Versions Of Mixed In Key’s Flow DJ Software.

NetGenReviews says:

Are we able to write the keys to the mp3 information with this ?

Christian Lombardi says:

Hi there! I just finish watching this video and the software have a really
good and dynamic concept, I have two questions Flow comes already mapped
for a Traktor S2 new generation controller? Are Fx function for the songs
(Filters, Reverbs, Flayers, etc.) inside of the same software? 

Gabriel Black says:

I see you with Netherworld. Nice.

Steven Fechtig says:

Can i download demo Version ?

Music and Tech says:

Bought it a lil disappointed at the moment looking forward to more features
being added .Hopefully they will be a Free updates . running into a few
bugs but finding work around’s 

Stephanie Loayza says:

looks dope!!!

Mariusz Dolniak says:

Mixing in key im using the cdj 400 and djm 600 now im using serato scretch
live and to have sound card sl3 it will working on sl3 exterial sound cart

Guillermo Quirindongo says:

Does flow work with cdj’s? 

Stephanie Loayza says:

Sounds dope, I’m gona try it!! 

Sakarias Longhorn says:

+Mixed In Key Is there any shoutcast/icecast streaming tool in FlowDJ ?

dj bigdirty says:

just a question, if i remix or edit using the flow program, I can export
exactly what i edited into a file and load it into ableton live exactly
where I jumped around segments?

Yoru No hoshi says:

I am looking forward to buy it. It seems amazing!can you do some tutorials
in future? 

Jeroen Hufkens says:

Does it work with pioneer ddj s1?

Anonymous User says:

So I bought me a mixtrack pro and it shows up in the list of controllers to
use, but when i try to map it nothing works and it says make sure the
controller is in midi mode… there is no midi mode switch in it. its a
midi controller. HELP?

Narosis Thespian says:
Roland Clark says:

thanks for using one of my tunes in demo, would be cool if I got software

Craig Wilson says:

Been looking through the comments and can’t find an answer. How does one go
about controlling this software? is it midi map-able? If the only option is
using a mouse, this isn’t worth it. I can see this program’s main functions
failing when it comes to mixing psychedelic music…just my opinion, prove
me wrong. 

Greig Bain says:

Yeah cdjs are ok had 900s when they came out… Played my mates 2000s there
decent enough nothings got the same feel as technics 1210s…

cwj415 says:


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