Free DJ Software – Mixxx – Overview (Alternative to Virtual DJ)

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Mixxx it’s a free and open source DJ software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be a great alternative to Virtual DJ or Traktor.


marwin doddema says:

Whitout paying nothing to it haha

putu parsana says:


graminos says:

Voltei a usar o MIXXX impressionante como melhorou com o tempo, mas tenho
uma dúvida, ele já tem o Shift Time para fazer pequenas correções no loop

SHAggy says:

When I try to play the music, there’s no sound! The volume is turned up all
the way too.

DeSla Dexterous Devil says:

@vetis24 nope. you are 🙂

MSCode says:

This would have been much more easy to follow without the constant
reference to virtuall DJ

Venom Benson says:

how do u loAd up in the Auto dj feAture

Best DJ Mixing Software says:

Mixxx is clearly the best free dj mixing software 🙂

DeSla Dexterous Devil says:

skrillex doesn’t make music ._. it’s only sounds going over and over again
in a ear raping rythm

myztic123 says:

virtualdj has auto mix.

itzSWRV says:

bro if your gonna use a Dj software get Traktor Pro or Serato

Mitchell Shoykhet says:

do you mix free songs, in virtular dj, you can only mix songs for 30
seconds unless they are your songs, or you downloaded them.

Jose Sanchez says:

can someone please tell me the name of the other software that he was

Jesse York says:

ik i ment take a song and remix it what i ment was, is there a way to add
sound effects to it srry im 12

ThaRealDJWICKED says:

here you have yo bitch @ 1:00

Kieran Milton says:

My crossfader isnt working!

Dan Chancey says:

Your Doin Good

Sebastian techchannel says:

skrillex does make music. he does it differently. so does deadmau5.
skrillex makes great music

ToberZ GameZ says:

exactly, i love skrillex, although not some of his, as some people would
call it “work”, but people need to stop bagging on him just because they
don’t like his music or hate him cause he’s to “mainstream”.

xBoomHeadshotFTW says:

how do you download songs?!?!?! When I tried to download songs, they didnt
show up when I tried to open them in Mixxx

Oliwier Skarba says:

so does every music artist you prick

djariellewest says:

How about we get an actual DJ to give a review, not someone who has no idea
what they’re really doing, playing with the programme with a mouse. Can we
use timecode, is it compatible with playlist formats? What’s the audio
engine? Is this a toy, or can it compete with programmes like Traktor
Scratch Pro 2 like I use?

nielsbom says:

Virtual DJ, I think.

hurricane1100xx says:

How do you add music to the library? They once showed up in the library and
now they dont?

Chuck Norris says:

sir, this doesnt make music, this is for djaying, you mix songs and change
them a little

Frand wasfi says:

eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat shit

Doofball3 says:

Thanks for uploading!

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