Free DJ Software – Mixxx – Using Midi Controllers

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Mixxx it’s a free and open source DJ software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be a great alternative to Virtual DJ or Traktor.


EarlGreyBeatz says:

can you use all dj controllers?

DemoDummyDude says:

Do you need a controller?

Rodolfo A. González says:

thank you! very nice video!

Pravind Prasad says:

good brother very nice good work.

Invoker says:

Thank you so much now I can sync my Android MIDI app controller to mix

João Ribeiro says:

@pravo1969 Tks

Ollie Simpson says:

badman riddim

Deejay Chefkaly says:

podes fazer um video a explicar como se grava com um mixer externo… sff

João Ribeiro says:

u gotta check the list of supported dj controllers in their website or in
the application settings.

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