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Wanna download this program for dubstep? Well head on over to my blog and you can download this Dubstep Program FREE!


Quembo Joao says:

is vry good, i do

Devin Seaver says:

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a young musician to get views on here particularly after the recent
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SwigglesGloves says:


Salim ex says:

the link doesn’t work

stonedestroyer22 says:

Beats not bits

xXKieran.SloanXx-Music-Gaming says:

its not dubstep software, its mixing software

Bobby Caarrillo says:

does it work with any controller??

chandler jafta says:

kak stupid know all that stuff

Sky .Caststeel says:

This is not a dubstep program. This is a DJ entertainment program… not
all djs are dubstep artist guys…

Alex TheDerp says:

Just look for Mixxx download

WhiskeyKingofcats says:


Divyesh khorawa says:


HypNoTic says:

Are they free downloads?

x3viltoasterxWINS says:

Yes Its Called “Tempo” Lower The Tempo To Slow Down The Song

D'jay Innes says:

It’s just virtual DJ… Your anti virus is to over protective :S

Biake22 says:

How did you make it so only YOU could here the 2nd track in some parts
through your headphones?

Niko Dejarme says:


Alexs321432 says:

does he have a playlist?

Santiago rodriguez says:

omg lol Thanks sooo much!!!

Romy Mack says:

can i get it for free!! PLEASE

kaseem0 says:

im new to this but if im doing a mix with songs by other artist can i be
sued even if i give credit to them

ChedderCheeseish says:

this is great!

jack frostie says:

it wont let me download it

dubstepandbassbeats says:

avast isnt that good.

spookeh skelling ting says:

or go to pirateproxy(dot)net and search virtual dj pro theres no survays

AJ Hamm says:

This is free? For real?

IdioticPlatypus says:

board? if you mean keyboard then no, VDJ Home still lets you map to your
keyboard. if you’re talking about DJ midi controllers then there is no need
to download or buy VDJ because they usually come with some sort of LE
version of DJ software.

Arturo Maza says:

omg your mixes *slowly walks away*

WubWubDubVideos says:

You are welcome! Hopefully I will be able to post some tutorials

Shockkkart says:

if you use a mac , just download it from the APP store for free

azri muzaffar says:

why just not put direct link

SMFRandom says:

confusing but nice beats XP

MaTiV says:


onyx vu says:


Chase Anderson says:

this dosn’t have a virus you little dumbass trolls who thinks it does, it a
safe download i have it right now i just here to take some tips.

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