Introducing djay 3: The DJ Software for Mac & iTunes

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Ready to rock your next party? djay seamlessly integrates with your iTunes® library and transforms your Mac® into a full-blown DJ system. Unprecedented ease-of-use, combined with innovative and powerful mixing features, make this the perfect tool for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

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Are you guys going to make a DJ three app for the Numark ns7

DJHey20 says:

Hello there. I use Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader on the Mac, and
discovered that this software is extremely accessible with it. And I have
to say, great job on making an effort to make sure that it’s compatible
with it.
Does Djay work with the Pioneer Wego controler?
Thanks. :)

djaysoftware says:

@JbizzProductions Enable Auto-Cut Scratching by simply holding the shift
button on your keyboard or on the external Spin controller (if you are
using that) while scratching.

soom2222 says:

@DJSEvEN72 YOU’RE kindergarden stuff…

RamboC818 says:

@qqqTOXICqqq can have ur turntables if you throw them away?

electronicfamily1 says:



@ramboc818 try virtual dj is good is for windows and works with itunes.

valeriovettorato says:

I agree man i was like wtf we have to pay again for the upgrade

roman baron says:


Melauak says:

This is just what I need. A software that is compatible with itunes. Is it
available for windows? If not, what other DJ program best mimics this one?

Aqua1Dude says:

Anyway to get this on Windows for free? Pleas Reply

DJSolidify says:

how do you precue with that?

sensory1rocky says:

which is the song that is playing on the second plate?

Flynn Barrell says:

Im considering buying this but I’m not hapy that it does not have any
proper effects like flanger or am i missing something


hi , infact i have troble i cant get all my keyboard shortcuts get work on
virtual dj what means i have problem to mix =(

RamboC818 says:

@djaysoftware alright thakns, how much for a set of actual turntables?

Richard Leadbitter says:

no – could eq i guess

Jaboy Tony says:

is there a demo?

djaysoftware says:

@322478884 Just hold the Shift key on the keyboard (or on the controller if
you have a Spin) while scratching. For a little more advanced usage you can
also use the C and V keyboard shortcuts, which let you change the speed of
the Auto-Cut.

Tony Sparks says:

@Weggy2389 I love that violin too! it sounds soo cute and cuddly..yet
pimpin and ballin my nigga (:

djaysoftware says:

@djheize You can download djay from our website. Just Google for “djay” (we
can’t post links here).

MrSlapTastic87 says:

awesome :3

borhos222 says:

Where can I find the song that begins playing at 0:35 ? Thanks 🙂

John Castillo says:

Pretty apply but i want the third song please who is? i want to do the same
of the beat-matched

Mr303BOY says:

Cool! AWESOME! Looks great!

Helene A says:

I would loooove to get a DJ set, but it’s so expensive and I haven’t even
started yet so I guess it’s better to try out a software first. I use mac
and I would like to first of all start mixing songs before actually
creating my own songs. Would you say this is the best software to start
with or what do you recommend? It would be for private use and for fun ofc

Survi says:

I used this software once at a party ! It’s quite good, but i’m gonna stick
to my FutureDecks Pro ! Nice demonstration ! Keep it up

griffallstar says:

how much cash

nuno oliveira says:

where is the “Visual Mixing with waveforms”? That is really important
because like that you have a sense where you can start/stop cutting the
music. Why you only have the feature for iPad?

jheeno remache says:

is it compatiable with the new idj live II mixer

Rene Adame says:

I think djay software is not that good. I prefer serato.

TheJp77 says:

does it have to be on mac

djaysoftware says:

@iCHAINSAW Sounds like your iTunes library is broken. Please contact our

ithinkmynameismoose says:

Everyone, before you even think about this truly lamentable product I urge
you to look at Traktor Pro first.

pl4tinum94 says:

can i use this on pc??

Moritz Höger says:

2 apple’s garage band loops named Club Dance Beat 007 & something like Club
Dance Beat 006 but im not sure

LurRizU says:

where can I download the Tracks you used??

TheJp77 says:

how do i open all that from my itunes

hsxkillaz1 says:

It looks a better….but why do we have to pay again…i got a email saying
to upgrade for only 25 bucks …i dont think that we should…25 bucks is
25 bucks im fucken broke

donttouchit911 says:

@djaysoftware windows sucks anyways

Stijn van Cuijk says:

this is good stuff!

MyOnlyLoveMusic says:

how is it with a mouse? instead of a track pad

DJ DeFaux says:

I think im gonna stick with Traktor :p

90CentComedy says:

wher do the songs u mae go after recording? i cant find mine! 🙁

Weggy2389 says:

@littletiger91 HAHA found it….if you open up loops in garage band and
then go to strings its “Orchestra Strings 08”

Destin Alex says:


timbar4 says:

Hey this look really awesome, I want to buy it! But before I do, is djay 4
coming out any time soon?

djaysoftware says:

@TheJp77 You have to download the software “djay” for Mac and open it.

djaysoftware says:

@qqqTOXICqqq Depends what exactly you do with your turntables, but sure! 🙂

jude deshan says:

how do i auto-cut scratching

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