Introducing djay 4.0 — The Mac DJ Software by Algoriddim

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djay by Algoriddim transforms your Mac into a full-fledged DJ system, allowing you to mix your iTunes music library on a hyper-realistic turntable interface. Perform live, record mixes on-the-go, or enable Automix mode and let djay mix your favorite playlist automatically. With unprecedented ease-of-use and innovative features like Harmonic Match, djay for Mac takes DJing to the next level and offers a unique experience for beginners and professionals alike.


MrTraktorninja says:

i’ll stick to whats best (traktor)

malakes1821 says:

way to treat existing customers like garbage, charging them 20 extra bucks.
Upgrade should have been free for us.

Mikael Helje says:

Looks good, but the controler looks ancient…

Manuel Risco-Herrera says:

does support AirPlay?

jaycgzag2008 says:

lion and djay 4 doesnt allow me to precue with my spin and i have beats by
dre headphones so thats not the problem. anyone help?

TheSprut88 says:

Пидары , вы когда по Русски заговорите , ебланы зуевы???

Nunsweepit421 says:

@DJMrTim My entire iTunes music collection is on my external hard drive.
Will djay find the songs or does the library have to actually be on the Mac
Hard Drive?

Nunsweepit421 says:

@DJMrTim My entire iTunes library which includes downloaded music and my
own CD Rips are on my External HD. It’s not a back-up device for iTunes
music on the Mac. I configured iTunes when I got my Mac to download and
import all media directly to the External HD . I use a G-Tech Ext HD which
is formatted in HFS (for Mac) vis USB.The djay App found this straight away
because the External HD is the default location for my iTunes media. I then
use another HD as Time Machine to back up everything.

Manny Sotomayor says:

I have djay for my ipad, would i have to pay for the mac version seperatly
or download it with out payment?

Feroz Khalil says:

Doesnt work on LION OSX ….fucked up and i bought it without reading

DeeJayCrackah says:

ermm. you’re a tad behind there djay…

Bart Cheever says:

I also use Serato with real turntables but often use djay to work through
mixes in advance – if you’re on a plane flying to a gig or just in your
living room with an extra 15 minutes to spare djay is easy to pull out and
start rocking. And every time I do rock djay I’m amazed at how much
functionality is in this little package at a fraction of the price of a
full fledged Serato set up. And don’t even get me started on how awesome it
is to control djay from your iPhone. Don’t knock it!

Masta Hanksta says:

I remember when I first started on real turntables way back in 1982 now I
use djay 😉

Aymen Methnani says:

Fuck off & for pc ? maybe mac had ballz.but why u don’t make a version for
a PC!!

harmonyranay07 says:


djdonniewoo says:

More reason for every mom and son to go to the local walmart to become a DJ

Raul Bernal says:

I Like it 🙂 its a Great tool

Eazy World Peace says:

yo guys one question (for who has it) can you use music thats on an
external hard drive(that isnt on iTunes) on Djay? Like in virtual dj you
can use your itunes library or any music from an external hard drive…
it the same with djay?

Anton Øvreberg says:

20 dollar, you got me their

ArmorKingEmir says:

somalia ftw

TheSprut88 says:

“I” for Die. Soft for mens , but soft for real mens/

Roshan Khan says:

@skyxwalker Yes It Does 🙂

Systemtrottel says:

u can use music from ext. hdd too!

vincent kleyn says:


DJMrTim says:

@Nunsweepit421 Awesome. Tell me how your connected, I still can’t get
access to my external iTunes library. Macbook Pro, Lion 10.7.2 2T External
HD [MS-DOS (FAT32)] connected with a Firewire 800

Jeremy Manning says:

@appleidinesh hahahaha same here… its definitely a good way to start

bealerDSB says:

$20, but, I’ve just paid that for the old version! Why, can’t you do a
reduced fee for subscribed machnies, already ? I may as well NOT BUY THIS
and wai for djay 5; THEN the 4th UPGRADE WILL HAVE PASSED ME & 5 WILL BE ;
ANOTHER $20 ? So, in 2 years I will have paid for about $100 just for
ugrading ? BULLSH*T

Wonderfeel says:

Looks Great !! 20 is a bargain !! I’m Excited, Love Your Work Algoriddim ~
You’ve created the BEST, most user-friendly DJ software, and still you are
seriously evolving it… 🙂

Fernando Ronaldo says:

Bom dimaissssssssss.

DonHatar says:

Can’t upgrade…

DJMrTim says:

Got this last night and had too much fun playing with it. Using on Macbook
Pro with Lion 10.7.2 just fine. Needs some re-tweaking like hide library
function and selecting external hard drive libraries (something you could
do in day3.1) Oh and get over the $20 charge, it is a new version not just
a minor upgrade.

CodUndead says:

do any of the djay apps work on windows 7?

PoukizerAyminem says:

Hey guys go check out our mixes @_@ we work with Traktor is way more better
go check out !!!

ArmorKingEmir says:

money is not an issue for a pirate 😉

faiter157 says:

yeah i directly downloaded virtual dj

DJMrTim says:

@Nunsweepit421 It won’t find your library on the external, but you can drop
and play from there. I hope they fix that sometime in the very near future.

Gary Stanke says:

I want to like you for the clever name, but besides the harmonic mixing you
don’t have anything going for you, you should prolly leave the programing
to the inspired

Plane lover says:

hi guys check out my video i did a reveiw about DJ app on mac and please
subscribe for me

Bertie Page says:

@MrMannnnyyy pay for it separately 🙁

Erdschmelze says:

@appleidinesh hahaha same here 😀

ArmorKingEmir says:

this is BS, traktor or serato FTW

Nunsweepit421 says:

@DJMrTim Hi,..thanks for your reply. I downloaded the App onto the Mac HD.
It found my iTunes libraries on the external hard drive with no problem as
soon as I opened the App for the first time. Neat. Now for some fun. Lets
spin those discs!

BAKİ Arici says:

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