Mixed In Key New Beta DJ Software Preview

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Full article: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2013/10/first-look-video-danceability-mixed-key/

A quick preview look at the private beta of the new DJ software from Mixed In Key, provisionally entitled “Danceability”.


Stjepan Jelić says:

With which software he compare Mixed In Key at 1:40, it souns like he says
Tracks a DJ. I don’t understand him.

Colin Crafts says:

can you put a download for your playlist?

peter bradley says:

I down loaded a demo version and got rid of it with an hour,would have been
better with mutli hot cues say 8 to each track ,if it showed you the tracks
playing one above each other so you could visually see there on beat with
one another and a way of showing you that beat 1 of the bar is inline with
beat 1 of a bar on the other track ,say four different coloured blocks or
digits 1234.chuck in more effects,reverse play and a key lock system so
when you stretch a tune it doesn’t go off key.will say the folder section
is spot on with bpm key and energy level which is so important for chop
style mixing

WriHen says:

Looks very nice, can’t wait to see more of this

Digital DJ Tips says:

Performing sexual acts on a goat.

Reinier Sandtke says:

Looks really cool! Do you think this software will work with my Kontrol S2?

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, you can turn off Sync.

Mixed In Key says:

Confirmed. Source: mixed in key.

Digital DJ Tips says:

Lol, I know, was only a quick demo though, already had one loaded from a
previous take. Thanks for pulling me up though, glad someone’s listening 😉

ZbjetisGod says:

When is it going to be released

Petar Radojevic says:

it look nice, but need that pich bend so much 🙂 it is not fun and not
helpful you cant practice your ear

globaldjnetwork says:

Are there plans to give this software a broadcast option?

Jose Chaves says:

I dont really like the fact that you have to use the internet to analyze
tracks. if i was to DJ, and i decide to play a surprise track that someone
gives me to play. i will need internet for it. its shit when it comes to

Digital DJ Tips says:

I imagine you’ll get it with Midi control.

Digital DJ Tips says:


DJ Tweek Dallas says:

Any word on the release date?

Sailing Whisper says:

Great video! very interesting software. hopefully they could add things
like gain and filter in a later version of the software.

Zayd Bennseer says:

is it usable with an s4 please?

Yoeri Wysselinck says:

OK… I’ll pass on that one 🙂

Art Sanchez says:

Thanks Phill Love the Info!

Juho Hanka says:

When this software is finally launched, will it work with my pioneer
ddj-sx? I think this could be just the software for me! I’m really waiting
for this! Another great review from digitaldjtips, thanks Phil!

Digital DJ Tips says:

Yes, apparently so. Not tested it ourselves yet though.

andrew dominguez says:

It looks pretty cool…. i might get it if they add a few more
things…those which you mentioned on the preview.

FuMMoD says:

I can’t wait to get my hands on this. It looks really nice aside from the
fact that it auto mixes. Is there a way to disable auto sync and auto mix?

Jimmy C. says:

Those keys are not at all compatible… That sounds terrible. Not you, the
two songs overlapped.

Yoeri Wysselinck says:

Hi,how were you able to get this Beta version ?

NetGenReviews says:

Good way of producing mashups as well.

MrBoxxed says:

I like the cut of it gib

TygerBlueEyes says:

Looks great!

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