Numark Mixtrack DJ Software Controller Overview

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Mike Ware from Kosmic Sound takes you through the features of the new Mixtrack Traktor controller from Numark.

These units are a very affordable way to get tactile control over your virtual DJ software, or a great starting point for anyone looking to get into Djing.

Check out the video and then head on down to Kosmic sound and check one out for yourself.


tennis4freak says:

can u use spotify for example to choose what song u want to mix? please

Trent Howse says:

finally, an aussie

mgaciarz1998 says:

does it come with software?

dimau5 says:

what ‘s the track playin? pretty awesome

mgaciarz1998 says:


GEO SAMA says:

i want your fucking shirt man

Paul Goldsmith says:

Sure does. Traktor LE.

Xezw Alanes says:

Does it have an sound card or i have to get one?

Drew Carter says:

Does this come with the download or app on the computer or do you have to
buy it seprately

Jesse Fletcher says:

thanks heaps i was wondering what specific parts did and its a bargain
controller and is great, im considering buying one at the moment

Robb Stark says:


Dubb Tronic says:

They must updated it or something cause mine does not have kill switches,
on top where the kill switches should be their are hot cues.

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