Numark Mixtrack Software Midi DJ Controller Review

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Mixtrack Pro (with soundcard):

I got this from Musician’s Friend for $149. This thing to me is worth like $400. It’s a steal. The only thing it doesn’t have is a soundcard. Overall, 9.5/10.


Nathan Dozier says:

You have to get external sound card that’s why its only 150

Samuel Arias says:

oh and great job on the mix …. oh wait you were using your eyes to mix
never mind take it back ;)

Anne-Marie PADOLY says:

J’ai merai savoir le prix

Samuel Arias says:

bhahaha did you say dj controller i think you meant to say “DJ” toy ….

Devin Coleman says:

Thanks for the review I just started getting into Djing over at a friends
house got one of these brand new off Amazon for 107!

T1NYT1M says:

Stfu about the price rich boy u fucking suck 

Pablo Contreras says:

awesome :)

Altro says:

hey there is no headphone jack how do i put in my headphones

Daniel Cordero says:

hey im new at djing to, but thanks man for that review, I just bought this
one to and this helped a lot. thanks.

samson solomon says:

What dj software u using for that mixer 

om baidya says:

you suck

Landland Ansar says:

i need ur help pls I did buy Numark DJIO USB DJ Audio Interface for DJ
Software and Numark MIXTRACK DJ Software Controller its connected to VDJ
pro, however when I try to dj on shoutcast stream seems my mic doesn’t work
and i was told u cant because its for output the mic not the input

cristian velez says:

bro come on y play that gay music u need some edm and stuff like house and

Sebastian Jackson says:

I have a mixtrack pro and I don’t get any bugs u should upgrade it maybe
just try using a different software and I can’t believe u gave it a 9.5 

Cavid Mustafayev says:


sayitIT says:

the hell? y are you all sayin messed up stuff to lil dude? oh thats right
because hes a youngin, and yaw fagz mad becaue he knows more than you. yaw
some suckers. keep doin ya thang lil homey, these punks just mad because u
got 150 dollar machine, and they spent big money and cant even half of what
u can. pay them know mind they’re idiots!

iPlayzInHD says:

Just got mine but got to wait until next week when it’s my bday

Maison Sparks says:


JKDR718 says:


Ronald Montes says:

Is this controller compatible with Windows 7?

Alex Imobersteg says:

i got mine for 100 bucks. great product!!

MrEzstuff says:

does it work with macbook pro?

Kill The Wall says:

this doesnt have a souncard

Tomdakiller says:

Solid review thnx

Javier Valles says:

What is the casing made out of?

hunter thompson says:


clearwater says:

ugff I hate it when little fuckers have to mess it up for the rest of us. I
wanted to buy this but knowing now i wont.

suzuke352 says:

you can get a deal on amazon for a little over 100$ where you can get great
numark headphones

Bawantha Liyanage says:

Can we use mixtrack…..without a soundcard??

Ben Park says:

Is this mike leung, STL???

Valle Eddie says:

im trying to get this same one where did you get it ii wanna get it cheaper
(; lol

ThisNameIsAFail says:

I don’t like you.

MarquisProdz says:

best review i seen all day 😀 ty! ~Strafe/)

Monkeybaggy says:

baddest controller evah

UEC- Underrated Editors Community says:

I’m frieinds friends with cdeat99 by the way and I’m a DJ and I was going
to buy it

Ben Lawrence says:


DJ Vertix says:

i think he is only like 7

legacy3000 says:

Now for $79.99 on Amazon

IAmTheGrammarNazi200 says:


ItsPaulAndFear says:

guitar center

Jonathan Raygoza says:

ur dumb af u could hv gotten the mix track pro for 185!!lmao

Alpha Echo says:

ordered it. got the soundcard (numark dj i/o) . got the laptop. got
problems. my laptop is windows 8, so the soundcard is fucked cuz it uses
windows 7 and below. Might as well buy the one with the audio interface
which is about $157. Dont use this with windows 8. Probably too fast for it.

jacker372 says:

get your English right, worst dj ,not baddest. Baddest would mean he’s good
and he’s not.

TriforcePig says:

It didn’t really give me any instructions, you told me what the nobs do,
but you could have tag owed me how they work in the demo

TheRocking37 says:

Do you know, you can create and download awesome beats online on “Beat
MaxPro” (do a Google search for it)? I like the video clip on their site,
that could be useful for you also.

djmixer mixs says:

can some one link me to the programs it can use?

Charlie Boy says:


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