Paul van Dyk PvD DJ iPhone App

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Paul van Dyk and his tech team have come up with the PvD DJ App for the iPhone. Check out this video of Paul explaining all of the features of this new app.


Gabriela madanoglu says:

The application …. This Fantastic!
I already have it?? …

ZMARS says:

OK! it seams funny..

pesaq says:

man, you’re getting old :(

paulhuby says:

sell out or what u complete twat PVD

holmd90 says:

only thing is, who wants to fling their iPhone around like a glowstick at a

veiss8801 says:

hahaha ” it changes the color!” pretty lame dj app. Shoulda called it PvD
dj diagnostic and ectasy toy

Erikk Carte Blanche says:

@FrikZz0r hiillarious!

partybeforeclosure says:

“it changes the colour” sorry i just pissed my self when he said that in
his accent haha

rstoned says:

“it changes the colors!!” i loved it hahahaa

Sergey Vostrikov says:

IPhone – It is an entertainment for 10 minutes

ravenrg84 says:

”it changes colors” lol. pvd doesnt have skills for publicity….pls keep
being the best DJ in the world 😉

evensteven66 says:

aww man.. from famous DJ to tacky infomercial salesman.. umm NO THANKS!

DJ Booga says:

hat die sendung mit der maus schon angerufen?

cerebral84 says:

sos groso paul

ilikethingsfromjapan says:

cheers mate werry helpful

boshbeat says:

What about having a “KEY” feature (like mixedinkey) , Have the app listen
to record for 30secs then display the key the song is in. Now that would be
handy !!

Thelanaja says:

yeah man tha glowstick in tha dark


This si the first time I seen him speak. Apps is lame. If had an app that
actually auto mixed and beat match your playlist for u like a virtual DJ
that mixed your playlist non-stop then that’s a real app.

flmusic81 says:

wow, so useful. lol…

MOSTLY1212 says:

Technocrowd/com 4 the coolest iphone cases!

TechnoForever99 says:

ich glaub ich lach mich grad tot.. Mensch Paule das muss echt net sein…
Spiel lieber wieder ausgefeilte Sets wie früher !

BL1TZEN says:

LMAO.. innit!

Luckzzz says:

hi five!!!!!

tomili1986 says:


SweCssPro says:

its not a “IPhone” its a “IPod” -.- …….

kovacs eugen says:

Congrats Paul for the extra cash, you just lost 54 fans 🙁

FrikZz0r says:

Totally. But the face he makes while wangling that “glow stick” in air is
priceless. 😀

Henrique Vicente de Oliveira Pinto says:

Hi PVD, do you know how long it will take until we can find it in the App

DVJ Bizeek says:

A iphone tool to help deejays that’s all. I use it during my sets and fuck
around with the glow stick app part for kicks during the set also.

Maximilian M. says:

hm ja back to 12″ wäre vielleicht interessanter als das ding da… was sind
denn die anderen funktionen noch bei dem ding ?

Will Jones says:


albertroswell says:

amazing!, i want this app!, but is not for the chilean store!!! greetings
from Chile! nº1 DJ!!!! grande maestro!

joshuamathewg says:

i cannot wait to try the app! also got tickets 4 myst on the

Bruno Buccolo says:

disagree but, funny comment anyway!

djsubnautic says:

all a dj needs? i don’t think so, but he’s paul van dyk so whatever.

psybernauta says:

jaja this sucks

Orion Pax says:

Dam hes getting old..

wowerman says:

wowwwww,that is amazing.NO IT IS NOT.Is Apple company buying djs and
producers to sell more apps?? Paul,how did you get involved in it?How much
did they pay you to do this?Does not look professional as a dj.

Mexx Hudgens says:

i have no bpm info on my old serato- sl1(only if its edit to the song ).so
the counter is a good idea.especialy for small djs who wants to learn to
play with the audience u could figure out when the live dj rises the bpm up
for exsample when the hook starts after an uplifted main break.and what bpm
he starts.

Bitaemo says:

According to his website its released end of May 2009

Deva Sukumari says:

Pure genius~Thanks for sharing your gifts!

tinghaling says:

PVD DJ iPhone App Sounds like an STD for your phone

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