PCDJ DEX DJ software 2.0 Introduction Tutorial

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This PCDJ DEX 2.0 intro video will explain the different components of PCDJ DEX 2.0, including the library and preferences. It’s designed to help you familiarize yourself with the software and terminology. This is the first video in a series of PCDJ DEX 2.0 tutorials.







Sam Anderson says:

How do I isolate vocals on songs

Ryan Sherr says:

@dj.supreame – if you click on a song and click the DELETE key on your
keyboard it will simply remove the track from a list, but not your HD.
Tomas, if you install a VST to the DEX 2 effects folder (in program folder)
you can then click the FX button in DEX 2, select ADD and let it scan for
effects. You will then be able to access and use them in DEX 2. 

Leroy Matt Pringle says:

Is it possible to start both decks at the same time? Eg: I’d like to use
the Learn function so that when I press spacebar, both tracks in each deck
start together.


How do you add effects?

djsmileyoflasvegas says:

I really want to know does this program beatmap like Sony acid pro cuz I
can make great mixes on point with beatmapper.if this program can do it
like that I would buy it to support this program alot of mixing programs
there beat mapping suks but only acid pro does it great but it’s not meant
to do mixes on the spot

dj .supreame says:

how do you remove a file from playlist that’s not wanted, I tried and it
deleted the file from h/drive??? there seems to be no option just to remove
file from list/playlist

kkosutube says:

Just one thing missing how to load the players apart from that very good

freewidgets says:

I’ve been wanting the PCDJ Dex for quite some time, but didn’t fully
understand all the functions. Thanks to Ryan and his tutorial video many of
my fears have faded. Thanks Ryan…I’ll be making my purchase soon!

35Berrin says:

The like and dislike bar northerner looks like a pencil.

furrrycub says:

i did both, but just tried it again and it has saved! so maybe it didnt
like me the first time! lol! thanks!

Ryan Sherr says:

DanelMusa – just a heads up, the little “k” next to each EQ knob are
frequency kills

namboozleUK says:

That skin is awful

liammokeefe says:

With this, if i have 2 sound cards, one external (usb) and the other in my
computer would i be able to send a track through one ( to some speakers )
and then the same track but with a clicker to the other sound card ( to
headphones )

djnuevoleon says:

cuando abro el folder no ensena artista pon un video cuando abre el hard
drive y selectas file y vras que no ensena artista no es muy bueno WEN YU

PCDJ Headquarters says:

Namboozle – there are a few skins included in the software, and we have an
easy-to-use skin designer so users can create and submit their own skins.
So you have choices, and you can make your own

Humberto Gomez says:

I have the “PCDJ VJ” but does not play or music and video, I could help
correct this. I checked it and setting the audio output, but there is no
progress or that the music on the player. I await your answer, thanks

PCDJ Headquarters says:

Yeah, not so short was it? I tried!

furrrycub says:

how do you save the playlists you make? the name of the playlist is saved
but its empty when i make it.?

XxcottonxX117 says:

Im having troubles installing my skin, I downloaded the Volker Skin and
installed it like the website said but it wont pop up in the drop down bar

PCDJ Headquarters says:

Thanks! Will add to future vid. So you know, a couple ways to load the
players. Right click on the song and you’ll receive a drop down menu (load
to 1, 2, 3, or 4), or just drag and drop the song to the player.

brandino13 says:

can you add a performance controller to the program?

Ryan Sherr says:

Playlists are saved automatically actually. Are you dragging files into the
playlist you create from the explorer view? Or are you right clicking on a
folder from the explorer view and choosing to create playlist from folder?

Ryan Sherr says:

Brandino13, yes, it supports a ton of controllers now, more coming in our
update we should launch next week. You can find a list on the DEX 2 product
page on our website

Ryan Sherr says:

Glad the vid helped! And again, suggestions for future vids are always
appreciated. We do have a nice upgrade coming out for DEX 2 soon (free
upgrade), so I’m sure I’ll have an updated video available shortly!

TheDrGoldeneye says:


VipersRealTV . says:

Great Clip. Explains lots. Thanks 😉

Rebel von yerzy says:

I need to know how the karaoke part works…

David Knight says:

wot best sound card to have so I can use my behinger mixer need help plz

DJAlienoverpowerd says:

How can i put effects on the decks and stuff

lbmovies123 says:


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