Pioneer DJ KUVO Official Launch

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Pioneer DJ launches KUVO, a community that unites clubbers with the best dance music, DJs and venues. and app (iOS/Android) will transform the way clubbers, DJs and clubs connect with each other.

Iconic clubs in locations including Ibiza, London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Dubai and Tokyo have already started to use KUVO, laying the foundations for a next generation club community.

KUVO brings dance music fans live information about which DJs are playing and where, with real-time set lists and the ability to preview, ‘like’ and buy tracks ¬– all via the KUVO smartphone app and website. Clubbers will be able to see what’s trending and what’s happening in clubs near them – helping them to discover new music, DJs and venues.

KUVO will connect clubs to an audience eager to find the best dance music, DJs and events. By installing a KUVO gateway box, clubs will be able to provide real-time information about what’s playing in each of their rooms, with the potential to push promotions and communicate on the fly. Meanwhile DJs can market themselves and their music by updating their profiles, and embedding promotional messages and more in their track information.

How to get KUVO
Clubbers: Find out more and get the app at
Clubs: Get information about applying and installing KUVO network gateway at
DJs: Create a profile at

To read the full news release on KUVO, please visit

Track Used:

Seth Troxler, Tom Trago, Subb-An – TIME Original Mix -Visionquest


Pioneer DJ says:

KUVO: uniting clubbers with DJs, venues and the best dance music. #kuvo


Wow this is great, I really think this will promote diversification of
music selection back into the club scene. I think big names might feel
guilty if everyone knows they are consistently dropping the same tracks
world wide and we can see it.

groovindj says:

I would’ve liked to give this a try, but I see the KUVO app requires iOS 7.
No good for me and my early iPad & iPod Touch.

Why can Pioneer not design KUVO to run on any iOS?

repimo says:


Chia Ve Ka says:


MrDreadwing108 says:

I’m already having problems with Kuvo. I can’t follow anyone. Every time i
click follow the page takes ages to load then it just doesn’t follow them.
I know it’s early but it should at least work :/

GazzaW1993 says:

Ermm no.

Messy says:

Great move in favour of original producers and DJs. 

Dreamer2go says:

Good point! Solution; Just don’t upload the track info then! Haha… Kuvo
isn’t mandatory

11Stormtrooper says:

Does it work for all Pioneer DJ Devices, like the DDJ or WeGo Series?

Cutoff Pro Audio says:

¿Conocéis Kuvo de Pioneer? ¿Qué os parece la propuesta?

amaury diaz says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

ReboyGTR says:

Meanwhile, Serato got an option to hide your track title above the deck so
that people CAN’T SEE what you’re playing! :3

Besides, how will this work for DJs who play like 90% ID tracks? :/

Ruben Martinez says:

I love how Richie is here promoting this but he’s been doing it for two
years with Tracktor lol Not to mention the only thing he uses thats Pioneer
is his headphones. Mixed feelings but deff cool Technology. 

Versus61 says:

Yes. Lets all stare a little bit more on our phone display instead of
enjoying the actual music. lets all buy buy buy because thats what music
and clubbing is really about.
This really scares me… says:

Great job Pioneer makes me want to go back to the underground …..

planetinspiration says:

cool, let`s see how it will help the evolution of music

Max Coen says:

KUVO: uniting clubbers with DJs, venues and the best dance music. #kuvo

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