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Serato DJ Intro is a great new software bundled with many DJ controller options. Serato DJ Intro currently comes bundled with Numark’s MixDeck, MixDeck Express, MixTrack Pro, and Vestax’s VCI-100 MKII & Typhoon (at the time this video was made).

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4x4Productionz says:

how come there is no bpm tab in my library???

Milad Broghani says:

i want to record my mix how do you do that ? 

Asytex PROMO says:

How is THIS version called & where can I find it…

Peter Walcott says:

My serato dj is closing because it ask for more memory y is that

Peter Walcott says:

My serato dj is closing because it ask for more memory y is that

Dj Richie says:

hi i am using Serato dj intro on my pioneer DDJ WeGo but the pitch
controller is only 8% i tried to put it up to 16 and 32% on my controller
but it doesn’t work do you know how to speed the pitch up on Serato dj
intro by using the keys on the laptop. help! please 

Eric Wheeler says:

What requirment are needed for a laptop to run serato dj intro? Does it
have a syn function? Is this equipment and software good for beginners? 

Carlo Estay says:

What is the song and interpreter that you are playing in the example?

chris fleuty says:

Can you record your set?

Andres Flores says:

Great tutorial! Jumpin on my Mixtrack Pro…

T-sound says:

Can you play music from internet with dj serato intro ? 

T-sound says:

Can you play music from internet with dj serato intro ? 

anand rampersad says:

How do u make the crates and files biger in searto dj intro

Cass Cassy says:

I’ve been using Serato Intro for a while now – all of a sudden it displays
and Icon (yellow Exclamation mark) saying Hardware Disconnected. Any
advice? THX

ilcool90 says:

Serato rocks, it always be my nr. 1 choice. ( one of the reasons is: I hate
midi mapping ).

magetori says:

how can i use loops like 16/1 and 8/1

Manny Felix says:

how do you update your library if you have a request at a party and you go
online and buy it

djjustinproductions says:

No u cant you have to have audacity to record

santiago284 says:

this is sweet i was gonna get rid of my mixdeck to change it for a serato
box and turntables…i think im gonna wait now and give it a chance…

Nikos Allen says:

hey what do i do for the BPM can show on my library ?

akeemblueribbon says:


QiK317 says:

@johnny2j2 I just love how people like you who think that having expensive
equipment makes you a better dj, we all start at a certain point and not
everybody can afford top notch equipment when you first start, so how about
you show us what you working with huh?

TheWaynelds says:

@demongroovemusic Thats ok, nobody even uses sync anyway.

Marshin young says:

This is a good sub if your a College DJ(college student) don’t wana take
the 1200s into house parties get this @Who_DJMarshin

Michael Di Ruocco says:

wiill this ever be available to like cdjs that have HID like a cdj 350,
800, 900 or 2000 or is it just for media controllers?

pleedthe1 says:

Can you turn off scratch with the mix deck with dj intro ?

Joe Mwenda says:

Mixtrack pro is a good choice, getting one too.

agiprodj says:

You must have DJ Intro compatible hardware connected to the computer for
the software to show both decks, otherwise DJ Intro is running in ‘preview

Will Garcia says:

Will the crates from scratch live work with intro? I know they work with

ptesls818 says:

which map is that?

pdidyp says:

@jiggyjeffreyg this is incorrect, it remebers all que points and crates
just like itch or serato scratch live. they even use the same library.

djalbert2684 says:

wow my vestax vci 300 doesnt have effects but these cheap controllers get
it free wow!

bar nel says:


FCME24 says:

DJ Intor doesn’t has the ability to record internally, so you’ll need to
connect the master output back to your computer using a input port on your
soundcard and record it with a third party program.

b864r says:

My lagggs alot 🙁 maybe I have an old laptop

sirgen001 says:

How do you get your music library in the bottom left corner so I can have
my music folders there instead

alewis1210 says:

Yes you can but this dumb Youtube will not allow me to leave the link in
this reply. Inbox me and I will reply to you with the link

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