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Close – Download mixxx DJ is the latest and greatest in pc computer (including windows 7) DJ software and it is free. mixx supports all popular sound formats like MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Wave.Designed by DJ’s for DJ’s.
mix has a World-Class Mixing Engine, Dual Decks with Advanced Controls, Quad Sampler Decks, Powerful Library and Comprehensive DJ Hardware Support. mixxx also includes a number of recording and broadcasting features such as – Shoutcast Broadcasting.

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bagas ajitama says:

i cant download this,,its just come to download flv player,succkkss

Anshul Jaiswal says:

Don’t go to the site in description, IT CONTAINS VIRUS

barbarat1231 says:

Good music and good quality.

Minh Teo says:

upload more of such videos that a great help

diggerbarnes101 says:

do you mind if I show this on my site?

Vision Specialists Corp says:

13 – So? precious 🙂

hong nguyen thi says:

awesome, awesome

ha bui says:

you have talent

Debra K. Reed says:

Thank you, Ive got a debt of favour at you ( i dunno i spelled it correctly
but im from Singapore).

Cycoticwhirlwind34 says:

Im a real fan and I watch this in 240p

Thành Thái says:

on? nie ma n

lanceaxley1 says:

it works whore his mother!

Le Long says:

Wow! Thats awesome!

semtexfreak says:

It should be first in the rankings

PimpThatController says:


Jane Lin says:

I subscribed and I liked and Favorited this video! 😀

InternetSpeedHackFre says:

Im a subscribe this is awesome

Minh Sang Nguyen says:

this is E.P.I.C.!

David Buthlay says:

This is the kind of video people likes!

MrTopTools2012 says:


MichaelOneilX says:

this is fantasticly gnarly

Vo Minh Tat says:

Count me in.

Le Long says:

wow hast ja ein top teil gemacht super!

oracion100 says:

Cool stuff!! Thanks…

wtfdaved says:

you deserve alot more likes!

Robert Jarmar says:

Nice job! Like it…

MrDevil666ify says:

You are gonna be the next big thing! Really cool video!

MrKinz189 says:

XD thumbs up

anhhungxadieu89 says:

That was cool

BlackMoonBeats says:


tubeoftheyear says:

best. video. ever.

HoodieAustin says:

Great job on that video!

dang khoi says:

Make More Please!

Medo Ibrahem says:


blackhawks24 says:

u have to doa survey!

peercody798 says:

you are so amazing its not even funny

Nguyễn Sỹ Hải says:

Epic, sub/thumb/faved you 🙂 MORE VIDEOS!!

PerfectHackz says:


Zigmatrix says:

Why cant I have videos this great?!

superkupc says:

This is it, Im subscribing.

taolaemtimap says:

Gutes Video.

1986kimkim says:

im feeling this its sick

Vu Hoai says:

thx 🙂

Tim Louro says:

Did you make this song or can you tell me the artist who did make this
song?? its AMAZING and I MUST have it haha.

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