trakAxPC – DJ Set (Free Music Mixing Software)

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Please see for the newest release of trakAxPC – UPGRADE FROM THIS VERSION!


Tash Maclaine says:

cant seem to convert it to mp3 and put it on itunes

nuggetman92 says:

how is this free?

Ricky Cortez says:

@catrionabarry can you save the tracks without buying it?


lol irelandddd

victor lopez says:

what is a similar software for mac?

damian poole says:

i installed this on my PC, but only used it for one day as i had to
reformate my PC, when i came to reinstall it, it said my trial expired. so
i really never got to test it out 🙁

Thyroidalcash says:

@The1stClan what the hell is your problem?

Tobias Loholt says:

@kiskebaber Yah, if you have the right Wav’s Then u can

Sergio Moya says:

@trakAxPC Thanks man!

xxJandMglitchersxx says:

heh funny accent ;D

Richard Hicks says:

@catrionabarry there is a work around to removing vocals, using buecat
eqyalizer , bluecat gain , it takes some time and patience but it can be
done. All vocals may not be completely removed but it will cut down audible
vocals to a minimun, You can then overlay your loops and other audio
tracks. practically making vocals disappear from the takes
time and tweaking. but it can be done. great program.

NISHANTway says:

can i get the mp3 u playing?? pls

Suresh Sohan says:

is it works for, when we want to do a sound mixing for HD video ???

b9st says:

@trakAxPC iet thanks for that

der king boss says:


SEECH7 says:


Nate Mills says:

Looks like cool software but I’m giving you a thumbs-down because IT’S NOT

Victor Olsen says:

@catrionabarry ahhhh ^^

trakAxPC says:

Hi – you have 15 days to try trakAxPC Version 4. A reformat would not have
reduced the days (although maybe during this time, you trial finished).
Unfortunately unless you have access to another PC to try it out, we cannot
reset trial periods. Thanks and sorry!

Jerrie Zyx says:

@catrionabarry OK, I WILL…HOW MUCH IS THAT? OR FREE?

Daft Novelo says:

Mine crashed alot so i had to delete it……..Its always crashed on

trakAxPC says:

@BidibodiBidubu – yes indeed, “Twilight – Original Mix” – great tune and
good spot

alex mitrasca says:

name of songs ? ahaha:D

Lowie Verriest says:

is this like garage band

Tommy P says:

to everyone saying its not free,by any chance did ye happen to notice the
free version?? :L

Michael Manawatao says:

hey michael` its only active on 30days. maybe you can give us a free
account. beacuse i like using it. plss ?

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