Traktor DJ for iPhone Talkthrough

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Phil Morse of Digital DJ Tips gives a ten-minute talk through of all the main features of Traktor DJ for iPhone from Native Instruments, a groundbreaking DJ app for iPhone. Full review at:


Thomas Clow. says:

its the light on ur cam

Zoe Hazan says:

I don’t get what the master tempo does… does it make the song
faster/slower or does it make the pitch higher/lower? 

DjPrymek says:

Works on iPhone 3gs ?

dannynestor says:

very good video man! :)

Ray Sherlock says:

Can I use my traktor s2 mk2 with this app?

11BallisticNinja11 says:

the red light it the camera’s red recording LED

Miguel Marques says:

Can anyone tell me how to have several different samples on the Iphone 5


Great demo! I really enjoy this app!

medinaa9696 says:

Do you buy your music from itunes or how do u do it cause i need some for
this app 

gravity21fukfse says:

how much for the app??

doodoostickstain says:

Looking all over, but can’t find any information…did they cut the number
of cue points in half? I only see 4, and can’t find a toggle or anything to
give more. all the videos i see show 8 as well. iPhone 5

Korrup7Music says:

Let me rephrase that; more people on iOS would be willing to spend $20 on a
mobile phone app. (Not calling them stupid, if it were on Android I would
too). More Android users are open-source, going the free route wherever
they can. Not cheap, but… conservative of their money? xD Nonetheless
good videos, keep it up. 🙂

Matthew Mead says:

I don’t want to use the Sync function though, I want to be able to press
play and move the track into play!!

Digital DJ Tips says:


Darran hanlon says:

how do you get your songs from iTunes to traktor dj

Syx Six says:

the diamond is the light from your camera

Digital DJ Tips says:

There are more Android users than iOS users, actually. And I’m only
relaying what the app developers tell us.

satorian says:

I was wondering the same.

AwakenSoul27 says:

how do u add songs man?i dont have the load button?

Kunal Marwah says:

Hey man, I recorded a mix today, do you know any way to actually share the
mix? Or save it to my library?

Alex Bailey says:

Works with my 3GS

hejenoge says:

You have to install the Dropbox Client on your PC/Mac and activate the
Metadata sync inside of the Traktor Pro Settings. Traktor reads that
collection.nml.gz file and imports the cue points and beatgrids you create
on your phone and vice versa. Great for cuing up new Songs instead of
playing angry birds when you’ve got some spare time and only your phone.

thatsamekid100 says:

the red light from the camera

chukaz1 says:

sniper !!!

radagast72 says:

Well, as you just reviewed it, now there’s the Traktor Kontrol Z1 for the
mixing part. Maybe NI will get us sthing for transport as well (although it
would require to plug the 2 controllers together, which is not possible
with the Z1 right now) but to me, the transport part is fairly good on the
tactile surface.

marnix robyns says:

it’s free today !

Julio Moreno says:

Great review. Thank you! I went on and actually bought the app. Do you know
how I can retrieve the mix recording as an MP3 file and export it from the
app itself?

DJzUnderground says:

Yeah boy. No need to bring anything else besides my iPhone to a place that
already has its sound system. EXCELLENT!!! The Art Form is truly DEAD now.

discardedfoot says:

i only have 4 cue points can anyone tell me how i can have 8 instead?

payton long says:

does anybody wanna touch on the dropbox linking and if i can just move
music from traktor pro to the iphone so i dont have to redo all my cue

Digital DJ Tips says:

Damn, you got it!

joaopedrodesign says:

very good 🙂 I have it for iPad

Julio Cantini says:

Traktor Z1 have been made for this software

MrRadiyo says:

I cant believe this is only 5 bucks!! What a steal!

Digital DJ Tips says:

You don’t put the music in Dropbox. You just use the Dropbox to save the
metadata by enabling this in Traktor Pro and Traktor DJ. The music is
copied across via USB from iTunes.

RandomU5erName says:

damn good review. i’m not sure if i will buy it though. it’s cheap but i’m
afraid i will get bored of it quick.

Simmo J says:

Thanks Phil, great review. I’ve been waiting for this for iPhone but it’s
not compatible with my 3GS. Look forward to it when I upgrade though. One
feature i’d love is to be able to remote control Traktor Pro, do you know
if this is available?

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